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Worried about getting Mishka fixed :(

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Mishka is quickly approaching the 6 month mark, when the breeder told me to schedule her to get fixed. I'm really beginning to worry I know I need to do it, even though she is an indoor ALL the time cat.... but i worry about her during the surgery... if anything happened to her i would be absolutely devestated. (i know, i know, its an extremely routine proceedure)
And even afterwards, i'm worried that it is going to change her personality... i love her little personality and i dont want it to change!!
any advice on what to expect? do you think her personality will change after the surgery? i'm really stressing this all of a sudden
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Since she hasn't had a heat yet, you won't notice any difference in the personality. The personality changes are only visible in my experience if the cat has already had her first heat. And trust me, they do shift in personality when they're in heat. It's not fun.

All the girl cats I've known were spayed and they were same cat they were before. I can sympathize with being worried though - you don't want anything to happen to your baby.
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I have only ever seen a personality change once and that was my cat Kinks who was a nasty little jerk of a cat. Then she was spayed and she she is now the sweetest cat ever. It turned out she has cysts on her ovaries and was in a good deal of pain. Spaying is for the better, do it before she goes into heat, I don't even like waiting all the way to 6 months becuse there is a greater chance they will go into heat before you get them fixed.

But don't worry, it is a good thing and no big deal. The cat will be fine.
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I just had Lucky spayed last Friday, it was the best decision I could have made, it turned out she had an absess on one of her ovaries, she has the same personality, the next day she was running around and eating, I was really worried about getting Lucky done, it has been a piece of cake, she doesn't seem to have any pain, she has just slept more.
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i haven't noticed any change in my girls after spaying, all done around 6 months too. indoor or outdoor cats, i would always have them done. the health risks when they are older are far greater than spaying a healthy young kitten.
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I felt the same way with my first cat Shadow.. Until she had a pyometra and had a pus filled deformed uterus. She'll really be much better off getting spayed.
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awww anytime a loved one has to have surgery we worry. Its very rare for a cat to die or something happen during a spay.

Try to think more of her HEALTH and why its important to have her spay. Would you rather not do it and her come down with problems, cancer at a early age. Give her kisses when you take her in and she will be fine
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