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Out Of The Closet!!!

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Two fosters I've had for a little over two weeks. The girl - Lena - is much bolder, and has been hanging out in the rest of my apartment (studio) for over a week.

However, he (Larry) has been very timid and has been staying in the closet, only coming out to eat, and keeping a wary eye on me. At night, once I turned out the lights, he'd come out and I would hear them playing and running around. But then he'd retreat back into the closet.

Yesterday, on his own, he just marched out, eyed me, and jumped onto a dining room chair, where the tablecloth will hide him. And last night I was sitting on the couch, waving the cat dancer around. She was playing and all of a sudden he ran over and started playing with it!!! Good kitty!!!

She'll let me pet her and closes her eyes and raises her head to be scratched under her chin, but will definitely move away when she's had enough. I haven't gotten to that point with him yet, but I'm really happy with this sudden boldness of his!!!

YAY! It's so much fun watching their progress!!

Oh, they're Maine Coon mixes, he's black and white and she's tortoise - a coat of many colors.
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They sound gorgeous! And what wonderful news!

Thank you for rescuing these kitties - they're lucky to have found you!!!!!!!!

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Awww, that's wonderful!
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Wow! That give me hope my Baby feral (also coon mix) will come along and come out soon too! He's been free to roam but doesn't come far. He's getting curious though. I think he'll come round. You are SOOOO lucky to have 2 kits - one friendly to help tame the other. I keep saying a friendly kit can tame other kits fast - they get jealous and want some of the attention too! And they see their compatriot getting treats and they want some of that too!

Congrats on your advances! Its so HUGE Keep doing the right things, Kitten Whisperer
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Mine stayed under the bed rather than in the closet for about the same length of time. I think this is pretty normal behavior for feral cats.
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Of course, I just came home from work and he's back in the closet. Dang. One step forward, two steps back. He'll come out to eat, though, and maybe he'll stay out again tonight.

He was pretty active last night - all night, I'm pretty sure - and he's probably fast asleep. He'll come out when he's ready.

I keep trying to remember - patience, patience, patience.
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That's the mantra!

And yeah - us being asleep is when they feel most comfortable checking everything out. We always knew they were fine when all the toys were in totally different places.

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yES IT does seem like one step forward one step back sometimes!

Baby has frustrated me to no end. Now I think he just doesn't WANT to be petted as tonight we were "allowed" (I was anyway) to pet him while he ate the babyfood. Of course then it was playtime. He came VERY close and showed no fear.

Better yet my Frogita cat chased but did not hiss. I think they may actually be starting to PLAY with each other. He isn't aggressive and backs off and she is learning that he will not play to hurt her. Soooo... maybe maybe
they can get along? Please??? Then he can learn to come out and be tame!!

She of course (queen that she is) squeaks all the time at me, she's a curious combo cat - I think of her as my Siamese or Abby... she's busy beyond belief, high strung and vocal chrriping and squeaking away. Not loud like the siamese, just talkative! She will allow me and only me to pick up and handle her in the house, outside - forget it! She dislikes cold exessively with her shorter fur coat, and will not go out much, LOL. She was surprisingly good for the vet, for a semi feral. No panic till they gave her the anesthesia and then they had to gas her. She didn't go to sleep for spay easy!

so she is also very possesive, which makes me playing with the feral baby so hard on her! I think she's a bit jealous!

Cats are such funny critters. I would call Frogita tame, but others might not. Compared to her also feral brother, Grey Goose she is not friendly.
But to me, she's quite affectionate. Others she tolerates - but doesn't approach. Like my BF and Mom. Grey Goose is VERY affectionate with me, and with my BF. He likes pets, attention, food etc. And being with us.

Weierd. Anyway, good luck with the little one. Let us know how it is going! Fellow tamers are interested, LOL
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Nancy, such great news! You are doing an awesome job! But a patience mantra from a NYC personz? I can say that.
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I know. NYC people are not known for their patience. I'm re-learning patience from these two!

So, here's an update. We're 3 weeks into this, now. Larry's been pretty good about making his new home the chair under the table - behind the tablecloth, so he's out of sight......thinks he's hiding - HAH!

Lena's spending most of her time, when I'm home, out in the open, lounging around on the floor in different spots - very relaxed and seeming very content. She really likes to keep her eye on me, though. She's constantly watching me.

She's actually letting me pet her alot - but only following her rules. I can only do it if she's on the chair under the table, because, (I think I have this figured out) at that time, I'm approaching her at her level. Then she's just sooooo happy to let me scratch under her chin, and on her neck, turning her head so I can get all the right spots.

Oh, wow. Right now, at this very moment, I turned around and she's actually jumped up on the couch and found a really good spot of sun, and she's washing herself. A sure sign she's going to settle down for a nap. This is the absolute first time she's done this while I'm here!!! I'm astounded! YAAAY!!!

He, on the other hand, is going to take a little bit more work.
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Aw, a sweet update! When it comes to socializing, you are absolutely right. Being at their level makes a lot of difference. Also, not moving at all helps a scared kitty get used to you. That's why we always recommend sitting or lying on the floor and reading out loud.

And 5 years later, our very friendly feral rescues still only want pets on their terms! I think it's just the fact that they're CATS.

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I've had these two lovebugs for almost 5 weeks now, and they've made themselves at home.

Lena has turned out to be the "alpha cat". She's always the first to take forward steps. Her latest step is letting me stroke and brush her. I hold out some treats in my hand, while I'm sitting on the floor, and she'll come up and take them out of my hand, and let me pet her. Then she'll arch her back and start purring and move her head around so I can scratch under her chin. I've started using the brush and comb and she loves it!! Her purr is so loud, I can't believe it. The other night, she actually rolled over so I could pet her belly......a sure sign of trust.

Larry, on the other hand, is a little backward. Well, not backward, really, just a little slower on the trust issue. He comes out for the treats, and watches her, then will come forward and take treats out of my hand, but as soon as he thinks I'm reaching for him, he'll back off. But he really watches her and how she's reacting to all of this. I think seeing that I'm not doing anything bad to her is encouraging to him.

They both are spending time lying around on the floor, wrestling, playing with toys, just lounging.

I love these two, and they've definitely found a permanent home.
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Couldn't ask for a better update! Isn't it just so exciting when they trust you that much? And those purrs of ecstasy - nothing more rewarding. Larry will get there!

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