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my cat is sick. he threw up twice. he has a rash above his eye. he was drooling. his breathing is rattly. i adopted him 9 days ago. i am extremely stressed out and sad. he is seeing the vet at 330.
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to your kitty feeling better and that it is nothing serious.
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just had a worrying day myself that turned out good. sending that yours is the same.
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I hope it's not serious and the vet visit brings him relief....please let us know....
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Sending many vibes for your baby keep us updated please
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thanks for all the support. my cat has a tracheal infection, so i have to give him amoxicillin twice a day. the rash above his eye is probably a bug bite, but the vet plucked hairs from the area and will let me know for sure next week. i have an ointment for it. i should've asked how to give the oral medicine, but i didn't. any advice? i got him to take it and only a little shot back out, but he was totally miserable. once i got it in his mouth he seemed to enjoy it. it smells like bubble gum. it made him a little hyper. i don't want to stress him out. should i scruff him? i don't like to restrain him, but he needs the medicine. i use freshstep clumping and am wondering if the dust is to blame for the irritation to the trachea? maybe i should switch to a clay litter.
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Glad to hear it was just an infection. Sending positive thoughts that he has a quick recovery.
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