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Hello everyone, I decided to do another little update. Casper is now pretty much and indoor cat, even though my dad said it would never happen lol. He sleeps in my room every night untill 5 am and then meaws untill i let him out. It doesn't bother me though. He sleeps on my at the foot of my bed now, which he never used. I try to make him sleep on his pillow but he doesn't take no for an answer. I'm pretty sure he must get kicked by my feet sometimes during the night when I'm asleep but he mustn't mind that much or he wouldn't be sleeping there.
The one thing thats wrong- he's not eating as much as he used to and he's gotten a bit thinner. He only eats about half a can of canned food a day now. I've tried changing the food and giving him tuna and stuff but he doesn't eat very much of it. I hope it's not worms! I'll take him to the vet if it goes on for much longer just for a check up.
The other thing is, the people across the street from us have just got two new cats. Theyre both about 3/4 size, don't know what age. But the go into our garage and Casper lets them! Sometimes i go out the garage and one of the cats bolts out and Casper is just sitting on his chair looking at me. Is this normal Cat behaviour?? I think Casper knows they're there because surely he would be able to smell their scent!?
What do you guys think?
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Sounds like Casper may need a vet visit, if he continues to lose weight.

We had a cat who would only sleep by our feet, never by our heads. Just what he liked.
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Hey Rob! I haven't been around much - but how absolutely TERRIFIC that Casper sleeps with you! Cats have that way about them. They pick you - and even people like your Dad just can't do much about it.

I hate to say it - but I would get him to a vet. If it was worms, he'd be eating the same or more and losing weight - but the not eating as much and losing weight is just not a good sign and not a good combination. I really wouldn't put it off. If funds are a problem, talk to your parents about borrowing the money and finding a way to work it off or something doing work you don't normally do around the house or yard or something.

And as to the neighbor's cats visiting? He may not mind! Maybe they're becoming friends? I would talk to your neighbor to make sure their cats are spayed/neutered so the neighborhood won't have more unwanted kittens since they let them out.

But cats can be social, and Casper seems to not mind sharing his territory with them. He'd hiss and swat or chase them out of there if he had a problem with it. And you're right - he knows they're there.

But please do get him to a vet. It sounds like there is a problem that won't resolve by itself.

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How is little Caspar? I am wondering.
I hope he is ok he sounds like a very cool cat.
I am glad he has a warm bed at night and someone who loves him.
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