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Opie's Story

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I know that you've all heard about our family, from Mom. I think that its high time, that you got my side of the story.

When Mom and Dad liberated me, from the Humane Society, a year ago I thought that I had landed a pretty good gig: a middle-aged couple, no kids, comfy furniture and a big picture window. Best of all, I ruled the roost!

Three months, after I moved in, they brought home a holy terror. She was a 10-week-old tortoiseshell, who had absolutely NO respect, for my seniority and/or dignity. She was christened "Rowdy", for a very good reason. Since Mom and Dad refused to discipline her, I attempted to take her in paw and show how things were done, around her. My efforts were fruitless. We, finally, achieved a detente - I will play with her, a bit and she leaves me alone, most of the time.

Just as I thought that Rowdy and I had come to an understanding, another creature joined the household. Horror of horrors - it was a DOG! More precisely, a large, clumsy and very stupid Dalmatian. He, actually, had the nerve to try to play with ME. I set him straight, right away, with five across his nose. Ike now shows the proper respect, for one of my status and species. That cussed Rowdy finds this beast entertaining and will spend hours, being mauled and drooled upon by him. So undignified.

Once again, I had the household, under control. This lasted all of seven months. Mom's human offspring, Mark, showed up with ANOTHER member of the canine species. This one is very young and energetic and, despite my best efforts, will not show me any respect. Fortunately, she is outside, most of the time and I am able to avoid her, in the house. Of course, Rowdy is just as fascinated, with Pearl as she is with Ike.

Its been a year, since I came to live here and I've gone from Supreme Ruler to First of Four. What IS a dignified, gentleman cat to do? Ah, I must sign off, now. It is time for my mid-morning nap. I hope that I have set the record straight.
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Opie, I'm so glad you decided to tell your story to us. We like to know the whole truth here at "Paws." Just remember that YOU ARE A CAT! You can't lose your dignity! If things get any worse at your house--for instance--if you are denied access to the bathroom at any time or the most comfortable spot in the house, just tell us. We can't control your "owner," of course, but I promise we can give her a hard time. We enjoy that! This reporter actually stood up for Rowdy's bathroom rights, and your mother relented. The subsequent, necessary remodeling should soon be completed!
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Don't forget Opie, as you are the "1st" you are the King!
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opie, poor opie. i am sure you are still first in your mommy's heart. and OF COURSE you still have your dignity. good man!!

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