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Potty training issues (continued from last thread)

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You guys might remember when I posted about my friend and her potty training issues. Thanks for all the help I got – it seemed like for a while things were going nicely, she had Milton (the pup) on a regular schedule, and he was doing much, much better with not going potty in the house. Things were taking a complete turn-around, or so it seemed.

However, a few members of her family do not get the fact that to crate train a dog it can’t be let out at random to run around the house. It happens more often than she can control, and as a result Milton would pee/poop on the floor. No one likes this, but it seems like they don’t understand that it’s not Amanda or Milton’s fault, it’s theirs for letting him out when they’re not allowed to.

Before this gets to be a ramble about puppy-care, I’m going to skip what I was asking about. I know if I kept Milton here at my house to potty train him here I could do it since nobody could let him out. Would this be alright to do? I’m not sure if he’d be potty trained when I gave him back to her, how long I’d have to keep him here to finish the training (or at least get a good start on it), or if in general this wouldn’t be a good idea and she should continue potty training him at her house. I’d really like to take him as I love him as much as she does and would like to try leash training/getting him to heel him at the same time.

So, what are your thoughts on the situation? It’s all okayed with my parents, and my friend said if he’s not doing better by the end of this week I could take him.
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When is Milton crated? Is it only at night? Is someone letting him out at night and not putting him back in? I couldn't find your first thread so I don't have the background.

We got Snickers when she was 6 weeks old, so we had to crate train her. She was crated at night and while we were at work, but MIL would come and let her out half way through during the day, but first thing was going outside to do her business, then play time. At night, there were a few times we would have to get up to let her out, but for the most part she knew if the house was dark, it was her time to sleep. But, first thing in the morning it was out the door...then play time.

If your house if less chaotic (as in people coming in at all hours) it probably would work to house break her at your house, but if the family that owns her doesn't understand a pup's signals when it has to go out maybe they need trained more than the pup. If you could send me a link to your previous thread that would be great (I did a search for your username and it said you didn't exist probably have to work on my typing skills!). I'm not an expert by any means, but I would like to have the whole background.
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