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Kittens, when to rotate & food type?

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I tried searching and am unclear on some things. I never had cats in my life until I got these 2 orphans at a week old, now 3.5 months old and 5 former ferals. Can you help with food questions?

*How often do you rotate foods? Do you offer different wet brand/flavor monthly, weekly, daily?

*Do you rotate dry after going through a bag, or more often?

*Is salmon, shrimp or crab considered the same as other fish in food?

eat wet with small amount of dry left out during night. Kittens still separated from feral adults (Kittens recovering from ringworm). So, adults eat separate from kittens.

wet: Wellness, PetGuard, Pet Promise, Avoderm
dry: Royal Canin Baby Cat (takes a long time to get through a bag)
Orijen and Innova with adult cats

I order food so any type you suggest to add/change will be okay.

I would like to use preimum foods.

The ferals are the picky eaters!

Thank you for helping with my questions. I want to do the best I can for these little guys after they got such a rough start in life.
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I would rotate wet foods, but not the dry. Incidentally, I think that Innova EVO and Orijen dry can be fed to kittens as well as adults - that might make your dry feeding easier. Should you switch your kittens over, slowly add the new food to prevent digestive issues.
When I rotate wet foods, I feed one type of wet food for a week, then switch to a different wet food for a week. As long as your cats appear to have no digestive issues with switching the foods, I don't see why you couldn't rotate more often
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I would use one can up and offer a new flavor the next can you open - not the same flavor. I usually stack my cans in rows and mix them up so that no 2 flavors are back to back.

I've done this with my kittens and they are not finicky - they eat just about anything. I mainly stick to chicken, turkey, lamb, beef with a VERY occasionaly fish flavor. Cats/kittens can get hooked on fish flavors and not want to eat other foods.

Many times, I would forget about even buying them and the kittens would grow up never eating fish
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rotatating wet daily here... dry I have two or three at once ... one main food and a cookie or treat food
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