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Grrrrrrrrr Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

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I am so mad today.

I locked my keys in my car while it was running..then it took the locksmith guy 30 minutes to get to my house..then 30 minutes to get it unlocked.

So, my car ran for an hour and this is the second time I have done this since June.

You might ask why I didn't get a spare key cut, well I did..and it was on the seat of my locked, running car. !@#$ I was so mad. I just got into work right now at 10am. So, there goes my strict budget..stupid $37 for the stupid locksmith. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Oh, not to mention my hair looks like crap after waiting in the snow for this guy for half an hour...THEN waiting for him to unlock it..I did my hair all nice today..and now I look like a drowned rat and had to put it up in a hideous ponytail..
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Nat will i send you a chain to put around your neck for the spare key?

Do you get docked for being late?
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When I had my first car I kept my spare key screwed behind my license plant-all you might need is a longer screw to accomodate the bulk of the key. Using a quarter as a screwdriver worked to get to the key. Or buy one of those magnetized key boxes and stick it somewhere under your car???
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been there, done that! hope your day gets better Natalie
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I have done that more times than I care to remember...They have these little magnetic boxes that u put an extra key in and attach it under your car somewhere ....someplace that u will remember where it is!
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That sucks. Hope the rest of your day goes better!
for a better or day!
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I think most of us have done that at one time or another, I know I have, My brother is a locksmith, when he is on call. his cell phone rings constantly, most of the time it is, people locking the keys in their car. or their house
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disapointed to everyone.......
:vibe: for the rest of the day!
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Aww Poor Nat! I hope your day gets better.

I am sure you still look cute.
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Awww sweetie! I bet you still look cute!

Hope your day gets better!!!
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that sucks..sorry to hear that. I take a bus to get locked out...
my mom has done that a few times though.
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Oh I've been there. I hope your day gets better.
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My parents keep their spare car keys on the other's key ring and then another extra one in their house. It's worked many times when my Dad would lock himself out of the car!
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Alright guys, I have calmed down now...when I first got into the office, I think I accidentally killed someone with my angry aura

I will have to suck up the $37 because I have already had 2 claims like this since I got the car. I hope it didn't use too much gas

Oh yeah, and I am getting a third key made..and will keep it in my apartment for times like these.

Thanks for all your support
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Im so sorry and for a better day!
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sorry nat, hmm keep a key taped to your leg from now on
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Oh Ive done that! When I was in high school I kept doing it, and the people at the vo tech had stuff they could unlock it with so they only charged me ten bucks each time! Of corse, if you're like me and do it a few days in a row... it gets spendy! My new trick is I keep the unlock thingy in my coat pocket!! I dont use the magnetic thing because someone stole my car by way of that thing and then broke into my house... So leaving extra keys around is just an invite!
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I just read that the drowned rat hairdo is the latest rage!
My mom always kept her extra key in her wallet and it was just the car key.
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