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What's your story?

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This is a question for any rescue cats on here.

How did you get the home you did?

Mummy came in to the rescue centre looking to become a volunteer and fell for me hard. She went home and purrsuaded the people she lives with to get a cat and mummy returned with her brother to get me!

That's the long and short of how I got a home!
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Hi Im Howler and I was rescued but not from a shelter but I was living outside and my moewmy took me in.

I had found my way to this ladies house who ended up being my meowmys mother in law and i had been sleeping on her porch until Meowmy came along and seen me out there and asked to take me home. No one knows where i came from or where i had been in the life before but They loved me and took me in and gave me food and a warm place to sleep no more sleeping out in the cold for me
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Hi I am Snowball

I had previous owners who gave me away to this strange place. There were all these other cats there & I didn't know what was going on. My previous owners gave me to another person who put me in this tiny cage. I was in this place for months & months just waiting for someone to take me home I looked as happy as I could but I made people nervous by the way I twitched my tail. They didn't understand that I didn't spray, I was just a nervous kitty. Then, one day this couple came by & as soon as they seen me, they had the people take me out of the cage. I rubbed their legs, I happily mewed, & I twitched my tail like I always have. I must of been cute, because they weren't going to leave without adopting me
I have had a happy home ever since
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Hi my name is Kille and this is how my brother Ossi and I got a home…

I’ve been since told “it’s the usual story†but I did not know it when I was in that terrible tiny cage with my brother. I had had a home but they did not have time for us, so they dumped us there. I didn’t understand it at all and I was really desperate. To top it, my brother was getting all hormonal on me (trying to do things I was too young to understand) but then in the cage he went all quiet and started staring in the corner like in the Blair Witch Project. It was very very scary. I knew he was not going to be of any help, and I feared the sneezes were catching up on me too. Who knows how long we'd be in that place then. No place to run and play.

I understood I had to act fast. I chose these people who came to the shelter on Valentine’s Day. They were talking quietly and to every cat I could see, and I worried because our cage was nearly the last one in the row. There weren’t many people coming, and they seemed hesitant. The moment they reached our cage I told them I needed a home so bad, and my brother needed to come with me even though he was acting all weirded out. I reached out with all my might and tried to grab their attention, and they touched my paws between the bars! I never ever wanted to let go!
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This is Kille still. I think I should tell about our new brother Teppo too. He talks a lot but he is not yet so easy to understand because he is so new to our family.

Anyhow, he came from the same shelter that Ossi and I came but he only came to our home 6 weeks ago. They said he was found on the streets but it certainly looks like he has had a home before he ended on the wintry streets.

The story goes that mommy told Ossi and I that she was going out to get a Xmas tree. It made all the sense because it was before Xmas. Now when she came back home, the tree looked awfully small and boxy and went straight to the extension – which is unusual because usually the tree goes into the living room. At that point Ossi got a whiff of something because extension is quite not finished, there is a large crack between the door and doorframe. I heard Ossi make this weird noise when he stuck his nose into the crack. From that point on we knew the Xmas tree was quite alive.

Long story short, we did not have Xmas tree this year at all. At first we weren’t quite sure if it was a good thing but after about two weeks we were happy that we got Teppo instead of the tree. After all, we can get another tree next year, and Teppo is so nice to snuggle and wrestle with. He’s our new big little brother.
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My meowmy came and got me from a lady who looked after me. See first off I was living in a shed with my kitten, but someone found me who worked for the RSPCA, who then put me for adoption. Then my meowmy came in and picked me! *purr* I still like to bite her reeeally hard though so her hand bleeds, but I do love her

Mitzi xoxoxoxo
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Chloe says:
I don't know what happened to my cat mommy, I only got to spend 4 weeks with her. I decided to take matters into my own hands, I had a littermate-sister to take care of after all, and we were hungry. We wandered onto a very busy road with lots of cars. It was raining and this nice woman found us. She took us to her home and gave us bottles. My littermate-sister did not do as well as I did in our foster home, she didn't purr for a long time and was more shy than I was. The nice lady happened to be part of an animal rescue group and so after a few weeks, she put me and my littermate-sister on Petfinder. My mommy saw me on Petfinder and on November 10, 2007, she drove a long way to come pick me up. I've been in my home ever since. My foster mom decided to then pull my littermate off of Petfinder and keep her for her own, at least for a while, because she is not as well adjusted as I was. I now live with my mommy, daddy, and my fur-sister, Matilda. Matilda doesn't like me, but I try to play with her anyway. She has a fluffy tail that I like to play with.

Matilda says:
My previous home was not a nice place. They declawed me and later, when I was only about 9 months old (I think, maybe I am older. Who knows...), they decided that they didn't want me anymore. The details are fuzzy. This was in September 2007. They might have left me at the animal control shelter, but I can't recall. In any event, I ended up at a vet's office that keeps several cats until they find homes (usually they are taken from the shelter). I had to stay in that stupid cage for a week! I know a week doesn't sound like a long time compared to how long the other cats had been there, but I was not happy. I didn't have to stay in the room with the other cats, I got to stay on the reception desk in the vet's office in my cage. I watched all sorts of people come and go with their pets. I almost went home with one of the vet technicians, but she already has 3 cats and so she didn't take me. My mommy found a picture of me on Petfinder and e-mailed the vet's office to ask about me. At the time, she was working across the street from the vet's office, so a few days later right after work she came and got me. This was on October 3, 2007. Now I live with my mommy and daddy. I got to spend a month or so alone, until stupid Chloe showed up in November.
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My name is Pearl, and I was born in a barn. Then some people took me and my brothers and sisters away from my cat mommy, put me in a box and stood outside of a place they called Wal-Mart and gave us to anyone that would take us. 2 women came by and took me and my brother. The lady that took me was very mean to me and kept me in a tiny cage and barely fed me at all. Her "good" cat saved me scraps from his dinner so I didn't starve. She would kick me and chase me with a broom when I tried to run away. A younger lady came one day, knocked the mean one on her fat butt, grabbed me and ran away. A car came and took both of us and put us in a cage. The lady that saved me had her mom come get us, and we went to visit my brother. He did not remember me, so the girl's mom took me in. I have lived with her and another human with fur on his face since then. They feed me plenty and let me do as I please, mostly live in a small room they call a closet. I have recently discovered it is nice to be held and petted like the other cats. I let the other cats come on the big bed with me now as long as they don't get too close.
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We're Oliver and Rocky, and this is our story:

Our first human meowmy is an architect and was inspecting an abandoned house in University Circle in Cleveland. She was looking to get one cat or kitten -- what a surprise when she found both of us! We were 5 weeks old and the last ones left; our cat meowmy, littermates, and the other ferals who lived in the house had all died or escaped. She asked two of her co-workers to help her catch us, went to a store to get us food and litter, and took us home to her apartment, where there were two budgies, a hamster, a gerbil, two aquaria, and the human who would become our current meowmy.

Our first meowmy kept us for a year and a half, until she moved in with her boyfriend (now husband) who had another cat who didn't like us and a *huge* dog (we don't like dogs at all!). She couldn't keep us, and our current meowmy was lonely and wanted to take us home, so she did. We couldn't be happier!
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I'm Stumpy. My mom left me alone in an underground cellar and something fell on top of me and chopped off half of my tail. Mom wasn't around and I was scared and started to cry really loud. This big tall scary human came into the room and I tried my hardest to hide in a corner and bite her when she tried to pick me up. She wasn't afraid of my hisses. I'm glad I let her pick me up, cause she carried me into a house and placed me into my new daddy's arms. My cries turned to purrs and I've been happy ever since.

I'm Eightball. My mom had me and my brother and sister in this really tall place, which I found out later was "rafters of the garage". When we got big enough to crawl out of the box that this woman put up there for us, she took us down and made a huge cave for all of us. She started giving us yummy food and me and sis started to eat it but my brother was stubborn and wouldn't try it. Mom didn't like this lady for some reason - she'd hiss and scream at her when she came close. I couldn't figure out why cause she brought yummy food. Well the day that my brother decided he liked the yummy food, this lady took us out of the cave and brought her into a house. I don't know what happened to my sister, I hear she lives with "friends".

I'm Pinky. My dumb brother Ruby was out playing one day and got himself tangled up in a "vine". It was really hot that day and he hung upside down for a long time until this lady found him and cut him loose. Ruby bit her in the process (oops). I think the lady got mad at him and grabbed the both of us and brought us inside her house. Best thing that happened to the both of us!

I'm Scarlett. My mom got killed by a big dog while trying to defend me and my brother and sister when we were very little. This nice lady brought us into her home and gave us yummy food out of a bottle for a while. I really love the daddy I acquired. And mom is pretty cool too.

We're Muddy and Koko. Our mom wasn't a good mom and she left us when we were very young babies. This lady and man took us in and gave us yummy food out of a bottle. We're weren't really happy about the baths, and we squirmed a lot just to annoy them. But they taught us where to go poop and slept on the floor with us a lot. We see pictures of our brothers Jake and Elwood a lot, cause they got to live with some friends.

We're Spanky and Oscar. One day someone decided they wanted to clean out their barn and they picked us up with our friend Billie and just dropped us off at this house. There were a lot of cats living around that house and there was food for us to eat. The outside cats were sort of scary - they didn't want us there and tried to chase us off. But this lady saw us and tried to catch us. I (Spanky) let her catch me right away but Oscar held out for a few days. Billie got caught the day after I did. Oh my the food was even better in that house and we had a big room to play in. Our new mom had to give us medicine for what seemed to be forever and once we were done with that, she let us meet the rest of the family. They are a fun bunch!
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a teacher at meowmy's skool found me in the middl of the road in front of the skool win i wuz about 8 weeks old & brot me in to meowmy. she took me home! ~ Cable
i wuz in the parkn lot at meowmy's skool & wun of her studens tole her ther wuz a veree frenlee kittee outside. she came out & found me & took me home. i wuz about 3 1/2 munths ole. ~ Java
meowmy found me online at Petfinder & adopted me. i was about 3 years old. they had found me wandering around outside. i don't know what happened to my family, but i had one - i was neutered & front declawed. ~ Chip
meowmy foun me inna bakyard almos ded. she brot me inside & nursd me bak to helth! ~ Firefox
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I was born on the streets of the greater Toronto area, we were found by the local animal shelter which unfourtunatley has a high pts rate. My littermates and I were tough and weren't very friendly with people so they decided to gas us Then along came Cathy from a local volunteer cat rescue group and saved us at the last moment. We lived at her pet centre for a couple of months while she cared for us and showed us that people aren't so scary. My mommy and daddy came in one day and I poured on the charm like my Aunt Cathy taught me and the rest is history!

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Bob - I was wandering around for a long time. I can't hiss and my claws don't all extend out so I got beaten up a lot. A nice man fed all the kitties in the neigborhood and decided to find me a home. He drove a truck at night and asked everyone on his route if they knew anyone who wanted a cat. Someone at the wearhouse he visited once a week said he'd asked his daughter. That's my Grampy, and he brought me to Meowmy a few weeks later. He took me to the vet and got me neutered. I was half shaven from mats (I still don't like to be groomed) and had a lot of cuts from fights. And it turned out I had asthma. But now 3 years later I'm a He-Cat and Meowmy knows I rule the house!

Bickford - My 1st Meowmy picked me and my brother out in the shelter when we were kittens. She later got married to a man who was alergic to kitties, and had two little children who scared me. When we moved I had to stay in the basement and was very unhappy. My brother went to live with a relative who couldn't take me also, so my Meowmy went on a bunch of kitty lists looking for a home for me. Unfortunatly since I was away from people I developed a bad temper and a lot of people passed on taking me home. Meowmy Maureen was looking for another kitty to keep Bob company since her tabby Freckles went to the Bridge a few weeks before. She even came down to New Jersey to get me! She wasn't scared off, just knew I was frightened and gave me time to be me again.
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