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Are we allowed to post pictures again? I remember the bandwidth concern almost shut down TCS but people are posting pictures a lot again and I was just wondering if I missed something. I link as much as I can to help with this problem, but if it's not a problem anymore, please let me know.
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what i have seen, and what I do, is remote linking - get the properties of the picture and put the img tags - it doesnt use up broadband space and we get to see the pictures.
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Tamme, I'm not real sure to be honest. I know that I have started linking pics so as not to take up bandwidth on this site. If you don't see the "XXXX has attached this image:" then it's linked. I know that we (Hissy) went through and deleted the old, old, old attached pics (1+ year old) to clear out space on the server. We still encourage linking the pics instead of attaching them, but I think it's OK to attach as long as it's not like hundreds of pics.
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I know I personally went back and deleted lots of pic threads I'd started. I think a lot of other members did, too.

But I'm with Heidi. I don't know. But I don't think we were ever not allowed to post pics. I think Hissy was just asking us to link if and when and where we can, and generally alerting us to the bandwidth issue.

If you got pics - post them! We want to see them!

If you can figure out how to link, give it a go!

I went to www.imagestation.com. I found it easy to upload my pics. And once they're in the storage bin, if you click on the pic, it opens a page with the pic in it. Copy that location, and post it here with (img)http://linklocation(/img)

- replacing the parentheses with [ ] brackets.

I read in someone's post that imagestation was down a lot - but I haven't had that problem. Any time I've gone to use it, I've been able to get on.

Granted - it takes a few minutes to register and get things set up. But once that's done, it takes no longer than to post a pic here.

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What if it refuses to post it and I'm too dumb to do this linking thing right? Would one of you mods be willing to get it in an email from me and post it so that I can finally show Willie off? Just one pic, please with cherries on top??
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i can do it for you, im not a mod but i dont mind helping others out.
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Kellye, check your PM's! I sent you one.
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Just emailed you!

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Lola, I'm so glad Kellye was able to help you!

Unfortunately, Mods aren't on-line all the time. We're volunteers, and we all have full-time jobs. (I feel like putting a little frowny emoticon there, but I need the job!!!)

I'm more than happy to help out in the future (although I may not be as quick as Kellye! ).

...I guess that's one of the things I love (and loved) so much about TCS: everybody is willing to help!

Thanks, again, Kellye!

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oh i was more than happy to do it, i remember when i was in the same predicament and someone helped me out and i swore that once i figured it all out, i would do the same for others.

thanks for the flowers!
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I have a whole bunch of new pics of amber and the cats, but since I can't attach pics anymore, I haven't had the time yet to go try to register at imagestation and figure out how to link them here....but I will soon. (I hope)
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I have the pictures set up on imagestation, but I'm still doing something wrong! Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually...
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