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Office romances

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Have you ever been involved in one? Wanted to be? Come on....details please!
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nope, sorry i never kiss and tell,
I may want to go back and kiss again
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
nope, sorry i never kiss and tell
Same here
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Yep, and we've been married almost 13 years now. I highly recommend them. :p
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I met John at my very first full time job after I left home. We worked together for about a year before we actually started going on dates, ect. We officially started dating in May & moved in together in June We worked together until October of that year when we both got different jobs.

We've been together for just about 3 years now
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Absolutely not! It's much too awkward, when they crash and burn, having to see that person every day. One of the guys, in my office has gone through three, in the past year and a half, they all ended messily and caused a lot of drama and office gossip.

Another man had to get a restraining order, against HIS office cutie (she was stalking him off-site and hanging around his desk all the time). They BOTH wound up getting fired.
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That's a tough one. If it's "real" and not just a fling... tho' you can't know right away. Hate to turn down a nice guy just cuz we work together. But what I found a lot of in the office is predatory behavior on the part of married men. That is a HUUUUUGE turnoff.
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Nope never had one.
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No. I haven't. I make it a policy to keep my work and my private life separate.

I've known people who did the office romance thing and it only leads to disaster. Couples fight and/or break up and when those 2 continue to work in the same environment it can make for some pretty tense and volatile situations.

Besides, when I date someone and the relationship ends, the last thing I want to do is see that person on a daily basis where I work.

I work in a hospital that has hundreds of cute, eligible guys, and a few, including some doctors and interns have even asked me out. I will have a friendly work lunch or coffee break with them, but I don't take it out of the work place environment.
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Me and my husband met at work..It was great at first
but as time went on,our boss was a jerk to us.
He even told tell us that we should break up
because it was effecting our work.
Instead i found another job.
We lived together also so working together
and living together didn't mix lol
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I have 3 friends who have met thier spouses through where they work, and all have been married more than 5 years. I guess it's all a game of luck. Plus knowing how to keep personal personal and professional professional.

I personally have never had one........I met my love Jerry on line.
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I had one that led to marriage. Of course we are divorced now. I work for present DH so I guess I am still having an office romance. I always tell people that I am sleeping with my boss as a joke. Of course he tells people he same thing.
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Originally Posted by chelle View Post

We lived together also so working together
and living together didn't mix lol
It was the same with me as well
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This is going to sound so bad, but I have had numerous dating experiences through work. Only 1 out of the group worked, but we broke up for about 9 months and tried again recently. We no longer work together, actually we no longer even live in the same state. It seems to work for us.

I have only had 1 situation that ended badly. Being in a hospital, you are exposed to many, many people and he ended up cheating on me, with my MARRIED BEST friend, that worked on the same floor. That was a little rough, but didn't stay bad long because I removed myself from the situation.
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My ex and I worked together, but he got transferred to my office after we had started dating and by the time we broke up had been transferred to another department so it never really caused any problems
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Met my ex-husband at work. He was in a different department. I'm glad he quit before we divorced, as it would not have been good to have to see him every day after the divorce.

I'm against them for the most part, mainly cause if you break up and both still stay at the company, things can get messy and awkward depending on the reasons of the break up.
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There was a guy that used to work here, that I went out with a couple of times (while he still worked here). Nothing really came of it, and he's now married to someone else. I did attend the wedding. We were really more friends than anything. I have seen some relationships around here go bad and it is no fun when that happens. I don't think I would ever do it again. I think I got lucky because we only went out a couple times and nothing more ever came of it. I don't think would date where I worked unless I knew one of us would be leaving shortly. It's hard enough ending a realtionship without having to see the person at work every day. (take that advice with a grain of salt considering I'm the one wanting to date my cat's vet. )
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I haven't, but that's how my parents met, and they were happily together for over 50 years, so it's not always bad. I think, though, that the odds of it working are not good, for all of the reasons already stated.
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The closest I ever came to an office romance, was dating a guy that worked at the McDonalds that was located in the Walmart I worked at. It was sweet, we walked to work together then home together..and peered across the checkouts at eachother
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Had what was supposed to be a "fling" with a man that worked at our Vancouver office. He was scheduled to back to Canada, so we flung. Imagine how I felt when the co. decided to extend his stay at corporate. So awkward! Didn't marry him. Last I heard, he was on his fourth and I am on my first!
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My husband and I met and became friends through a student job at the University. We only worked together for a couple of months while we were dating, and then I got a different job. That was probably for the best because they put a "no dating" clause in the handbook (which they couldn't actually prevent because it's a student job and they can't regulate students like they can regular employees) right after I left that job.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Have you ever been involved in one? Wanted to be? Come on....details please!
Do you only want to hear from women?
When I was teaching for a company I had a woman in my class I became infactuated with. In that very same company I had been living with a woman, actually still was. But the one in my class replaced the other one and after a while we married. This was way back in the early eighties when people minded their own business about such things. Everybody in the company (a small company) knew what was going on but I never received any flack whatsoever over it. Most of the company came to our wedding.
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The two guys I work with are like 50 years old....so nope! The only other times I worked with guys were when they were 60+....the other time I worked with my dad so NOOOO!!!
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My boyfriend was my coworker. Our boss had no problems with it because we kept ourselves professional while at work. I quit 3 weeks ago for other reasons and when I go visit, I still have a hard time showing any signs of affection. Before him, I had a fling with a different coworker. We went in it knowing it was just a fling so no one got burned. Worked out rather nicely.

I dont go out at all so my only dating options is at work...but with my living with my current boyfriend, I don't think it'll be a problem lmao.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
The two guys I work with are like 50 years old....so nope! The only other times I worked with guys were when they were 60+....the other time I worked with my dad so NOOOO!!!
Now Nat, age is just a number
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I always had a very firm policy against dating guys at work. But then I met this totally obnoxious salesman who wouldn't leave me alone. I finally gave in and went out with him, just to get him off my back. I agree that the whole break-up thing can be awkward for everyone...so I ended up marrying him.

Actually, we only worked together for the first six months or so of our relationship. I could never work with him now...we definitely need our eight hours of time apart.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Now Nat, age is just a number
i thought nat posted once she had a crush on her one vet,
who was like 60?
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I tried it once, I don't recommend it...especially if you're working in a gossip mill. Uuuuuggggh....that was annoying because everytime we conversed with each other after the breakup, people would ask if we were getting back together.

[Personally] Big mistake on my part so I will never do that again.

Why Susie are you thinking about one for the side ?
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Don't do it. It is a really bad idea. I have tried it twice. Once with a married guy, once with my boss. It isn't right and it dosen't turn out for the best.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i thought nat posted once she had a crush on her one vet,
who was like 60?
Oh did she now?, the dark horse what she is
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