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unhappy kitty in new house

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We (me and my 4 cats) just moved into a loft style apartment. With it being one open space I made sure and provide them with places to hide, a couple of houses, a nice box under the daybed, soft cushions on the chairs so they will be comfy. I have 2 males and 2 females, one of the males is dominant and the other is submissive, of the girls one is the mommy and one is the baby of the bunch she is the newest. My quiet male, Romeo, has begun to sit at the door and cry for sometimes an hour at a time, scratching to get out. He becomes very restless and panicky. I haven't the vaguest idea of what can be wrong. Sometimes his sister (littermate) will get in that same area and behave in a similar fashion but nowhere to the point he does. I am really worried about this, I absolutely love this apartment and have signed a lease. My friend thinks that we have a ghost or something that is freaking them out. Maybe, maybe not, but before I call ghostbusters I hope that someone has a suggestion. She is standing up watching me in the mirror by the door and calling me. Please someone help me figure out what is going on, or a suggestion on how to comfort these two.
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Romeo (and any others who seem unhappy) want to go 'home'. How long has it been since the move? Do you know if the previous owners/tenants had animals whose scents may still be around (though we couldn't tell)? They will get better in time, once their own scents have taken over and they find the new places in your home that suit them. Just be very careful not to let any out until then or they'll try to find their way back.
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Cats are known for their dislike of change. Moving is a huge change. They have to redesignate territory, get used to new sounds and smells, plus it sounds like the layout of your new place is very different from the old one. There may be residual smells from pets that lived there before. They're freaked out and they want to go "home".

You don't have to move, but there are things you can do to comfort them. Have you tried Feliway or flower essences? A quick search of the forums should turn up lots of hits for those two. I would also suggest if you have time for some reading, that you look up "How to think like a cat", "Starting from Scratch" or "Cat Vs. Cat" --three books that have helped me.

Also welcome to TCS!
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Yup. Moving is stressful. Feliway and Rescue Remedy flower essences can both be purchased here: http://www.catfaeries.com. These will probably help, at least a little bit.

Most importantly, just give them lots of love and reassurance. Play will help relieve stress if you've got wand toys and can engage them.

And apart from that? I'd just keep talking to them. Explain why you moved, that you're sure they'll come to love the place as much as you do.... I believe our kitties understand us. We told our kitties for two weeks before we moved what was happening. We used lots of Feliway, both before we left and sprayed it around before we moved in. We confined them all to the bedroom the first day (which you don't have) - but all their familiar cat trees, etc. were out - and when we let them out they did great!

If your place has carpets, maybe consider giving them a clean if they weren't before you moved in. If there were pets there before, those smells may be bothering them.

But most importantly, just give it time. They'll come around!

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We haven't even been here for 2 months yet so I guess I will stop worrying. He is a sensitive kitty, not the most sensitive of the bunch but very Mommy dependent. I do think part of it is he has not got many places to get away from Loco. Loco is too much at times for everyone, but me of course. Well, me too if I am honest, that cat has got more personality than most people I know. I never heard of those things that you mentioned I will look into it. I need to get a new library card so now I know what books to take out first. Can anyone tell me how I can upload a couple pictures of my babies on my page or am I still too new. So glad to be back , feels like home, with some changes.
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Heres a link to take you through step by step, along with the size we require.

Look forward to seeing your baby in fur pics

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Thank you..I've followed directions and now attempt to post my oix!!!
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It only took me 45 minutes to figure it out! Thank you so much for the information or I never would have been able to do this. I am really learning a lot on this behavior area. When last I was here my babies were just babies, their behavior now is interesting. Time for me to get reading and figure out if they are really fighting or just adult cat play. I still think Loco is intimidating Romeo because he is asserting his authority.
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