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I had a hammer toe, fixed last Friday.And does it hurt! The Dr. cut my toe from the bottom,to the top,on the top of it.(4th toe) .then he broke the bone,and flated it like it was supposed to lay. 4 stitches.And a big bandage,Special shoe,And some wonderful drugs!This is the 3rd operation on this foot this summer,fall.winter! First time he had to shave down a bone in my little toe,it was poking through the skin (in side) rubbing on the 4 toe,,also hurt like crap!,2nd he had to remove 3 toe nails that had died,for some reason,also hurt badly!!!!And in my job I can be on my feet for hours!Hope it finely fixed right and no more pain! Got any fixed right vibs?
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I'm sitting here with my mouth slightly agape reading this thinking, "surely this is form of torture in some countries!".

I hope you have good medicine and you're not in too much pain while healing, and of course that you heal up quick!
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OUCH! I do hope it's done this time and you'll get all healed and not have to do that again!
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I had bone spurs removed from one of my big toes several years ago-but it got infected!!!
The recovery was long as the infection cleared but doc didn't want me to bend that joint.
You will feel better just takes a long time!!
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I hope that third time's the charm for you.
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Oh my goodness, I hope it starts to feel better soon!

What is a hammer toe?
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Oh, I hope you heal quickly. My Mom has had several foot surgeries and I know it is NO fun. Prayers for a full and quick recovery.
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Sending lots of vibes your way!
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