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Dude! my Brothers Slower than I thought!!! Quite Long

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So its 2:30am and Im sitting in my room looking at Post on TCS when my brother knocks on my door, I say "come in" and he comes in puts my phone on the base ((his phone must have died so he barrowed mine)) and then comes and "Perches" on the back of my chair with his feet like he usually does. I was reading one of the threads when my brother ((still perched on the back of my chair)) cracks up laughing...
so im like "whats funny" and he goes on laughing and I go on reading and he starts laughing harder and I was like "dude get off my chair" and he gets off and hes like "you know whats funny?" and points at my shoulder and I look and there was spit on my shoulder!!! Eww!! so then he gets into the whole whiping-his-earwax-on-my-notebook thing and that last about 10 min trying to get him to stop... then he notices the Prison HandCuffs I have hanging on my curtain rod ((i stole them from him about 2 yrs ago)) and he starts talking about cuffing me in the coat closet and duck taping my mouth and leaving me there till my mom goes in there to get her boots the next time she leaves the house.

Then he started talking about playing pranks on my mom then he noticed the metal ball with spikes on a chain hanging on my wall ((which I also stole from him about 2 yrs ago along with the Cuffs)), grabs it and starts swinging it at me... then he starts talking about how hes getting a place in MASS ((meanwhile hes still swinging the spiked ball at me)) and then asks if he can take my PSP with him for the train ride in 4 days when he goes to MASS and he says he'll make a week long trade ((thats how long he'll be gone if he doesnt get the place)) and he'll give me his Lava Lamp and his $200 10K Gold Bracelet to hold while hes goes on the trip with my PSP.. im still thinking about it.

Then hes like looking at my assortment of 8 DVDs and notices i have "Meet the Fockers" and he grabs it so he can watch it later, Oh and hes still got the Spiked ball in his hand swinging it... and by now hes spit at me a few times ((it never ends with this kid )). So then he takes the DVD and... sticks it in his pants... rubs it around and takes it out and sniffs it .. The embarrassment is setting in . So then he spits at me again ((missing me btw))... starts making weird faces, cuts the cheese and walks out... OH THANK GOODNESS!! its over finally!! this whole escapade lasted about and Hour.
My brother is 20yrs old btw... he has the bad case of the ADHD ((when he wants)) and is very immature... He has no disabilities... hes just, how do i put it... Immaturely Slow !! Im 16 and im calling him the Kid.. now thats dysfunctional

I figured id just share with you guys what I go through in my house... I also thought it was to Embarrassingly funny not to share . lol
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erm, at 20 he has to be more responsible than that, and it sounds like abuse to me by the way :S
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Doing what he did with the DVD was bad enough, but to spit at you?!.

If theres no disabilities then i'm afraid at 20 he's old enough and big enough to know better.
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Keep your fingers crossed that he gets his own place....
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LOL The original post made me laugh...and gave me flashbacks at the same time.

That's how it was in the house that I grew up in, only that I had FOUR brothers like that, and I was the only girl. I learned to defend myself at a young age.

ADHD? When he wants? Sorry, I am in the belief that there is no such thing as ADHD nor ADD. The mace that he was swinging at you was an obvious bullying/scare tactic. With brothers like that, you have to beat them at their own game.
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I had cousins who loved to torture us like that....until we started getting back at them...then they became afraid....very afraid!
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In my entire 29 years on earth I have never felt the compultion to spit unless a bug flies into my mouth.
I was wondering were manners went in this world and now I know I'm justified in asking. No offence but your brother is one of those guys who will be 40 somthing living in your parents basement drinking beer and warching nascar.
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Some times I'm glad to be an only child.
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No Abuse.. his Umbilical Cord was wrapped around his Neck when he was Born.

He missed whenever he spit on me.. it was the fact that it was annoying so he kept doing it. Hes just very Immature.

I am keeping my fingers crossed! Its so annoying living with him!

I have I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters... so we all grew up in a very Dysfunctional home... No Dad btw. Im always being picked on... as he puts it, im the Runt ((even though im not the youngest)).
Thats what thats called! lol yes bullying! Evil too!! hehe
We dont believe in ADHD/ADD either... its just he shows signs of "ADHD" whenever he gets hyper.

Ive gotten back at my brother Several times but nothing real bad... although I should.

He most likely will be that 40yr old guy living in my moms basement, we joke about it all the time and he hasnt left for more than 3 months.

Your so Lucky!!
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Some times I'm glad to be an only child.
I wasn't an only child when I was little but at least my older brothers had moved out when they turned 18.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Some times I'm glad to be an only child.
I agree, but it has its downs also!
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