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Yuck, yuck and more yuck

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email from the Head of the IT deparment, (ok so i looked at it after being here for 5 hours) said

We left you 2 large pizza's and some diet dr pepper.
There should be enough for you and the guards..

Cool!! free pizza!!!!!! i go down to the coffee room,and
sure there are 2 boxs of pizza .with a ant food orgy going on.. both boxes where just covered in ants

Its 20 F and -6 C outside, what the heck are they doing up and kicking about.

so much for the pizza
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EWWWW! Why didn't they put the food in the fridge?
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Ewww I hate ants. We get ants crawling around the house if you leave any piece of food laying around for more than 30 minutes. Even just a crumb and with 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guys living happens a lot. Theres 2 girls too, but I think all we do is clean up after everyone else.
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To bad about the pizza!
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*Ants* Party at Bruce's work!!

Your right though, in this weather where did they come from?
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Hmm, ant pizza...maybe it's high in protein? New experimental topping?

Makes me think of that one show on the Travel channel, with the guy that will eat practically anything - including insects.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! that's pretty gross, sorry you missed out on the pizza!
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Yuck is right
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Oh yuck, and if your anything like me now you've got a taste for Pizza, but none to eat. I hate it when I have my mind set on a food and then don't get to eat it.
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I think you may need a can or RAID!
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What we they thinking?
Don't they know that ants are too bitter to be used as a topping?
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Ew, do you think it was a practical joke?
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It's 20F there. The ants are smart enough to come in out of the cold and get a free meal. Wouldn't you? Suggest the company hire an exterminator, because, like our Governator Schwarz, they'll be back!

Like the topping post.
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Whats wrong Bruce? You don't like orgies???? ANT orgies I mean....
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