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Excessive litter digging and possible paw pad chafing from it....

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Wasn't sure if I should put this in Behavior or Health because it's a little of both. Many of us have the kitties, this includes Maia, who love to dig and dig and dig in the litter box, including the box itself! About a month ago I noticed a little pink spot on what would be her pointer finger. She is a black and silver tabby with solid black feet and pads. It doesn't seem to be sensitive for her, definitely not swollen or irritated, just a pink spot that has gotten a little larger. She still goes nuts in the litter box though! Any body ever experience this?
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I haven't experienced anything like this on the paw pads. Our kitty with a black nose got scratched and it was pink while healing - but it's back to black. When you say it's not sensitive for her - is that because she's walking normally, or have you rubbed and pushed on it? Is it just that the outer layers of skin are rubbed off from the abrasiveness of the litter?

I'd probably give the vet a buzz to ask about it. I don't know if it's something to be concerned about or not.

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I don't really know anything about why her paw is pink, but I do about the excessive litter digging! Spook does it everytime! He is confused, I believe!
Cause sometimes he'll even scratch around his food, just around the floor around the outside of the bowl! I thought, he is not really hungry, so he does the scratch thing as if to maybe save it for later! I have often
wondered why he does all of the scratching to the litter though! None of the others do it, just him! When he starts it , I'll tell him, "Ok, that's enough"and he turns a deaf ear, and keeps on! Litter will be scattered from here to there!
Maybe he's just oversenitive about anyone smelling it, and I guess that is
one of the many things I love about cats, is that they are all different!
They all have something about them which makes them just that much different from the other!
I hope it is nothing serious about your babies paw!!If it is getting bigger, I
would be going to the vet! I don't think just chafing would get bigger! unless it is infected, and like LDG said, have you pushed on it? If it is senitive and you gently push on it just a little, well pus may come out, or a howl from her and then a visit to the vet is for sure!! I'll be keeping ya'll in my thoughts!
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My cat Neko also has gotten progressively pinker paw pads. I've had him since May. But being an indoor cat...litter box, carpet... maybe they're just really clean.
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my kittens are 6 and 11 months. we had a normal litter tray when we just had the one but little shinobi insists on trying to dig to australia! we bought one of the covered trays as more litter was on the floor than in the tray!

it is odd though cos one of my other cats would never dig. he would do his business and then just walk away, flicking his paws as if to say, 'ok, clean it up then'!

i have seen the pigmentation on both cats and dogs skin change colour though. i would agree with the others in that if she isn't troubled by it then it's probably ok!
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Maia has a covered litter box and some how it sounds like she is digging at the edge, maybe the entrance. Of course as soon as I look in she stops but its very loud. As far as her toe pad, it isn't sensitive to the touch, I have been checking by touch and slight pressure. Who knows?!
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