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Friday's DT

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Since I was up [6:00 AM] I thought I would start! It is going to be a beautful day in Western New york high about 40,but we are going to get a big winter storm saturday And just when I thought it might starting to get warm.Thats New York winter for ya!I am going to take my 5 grandchildern off my son's hands for a little while today,they had the week off school,2 have been sick,and he is going nuts,needs a little alone time.Plus they live in town,on a street where they drive like nuts,here they can go outside for a little while.
It has been a week and a half since we put Ted's mom in the nursing home,we went down to see her yesterday,she look's a lot happier,she is meeting a lot of new people,and they don't let her just lay around all day,We think this is what she needed,she is with people her own age,and has things to do.she is getting phyiscel[sp] therpy[sp]and is walking alot better,when she was here she did;t do anything for her self,there they make her.She did't cut me down of whine at Ted she was quite nice,but we did't tell her I was not working anymore,she might think she could move back in,there is no way that is going to happen! God Bless and have a great day!
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That is great sherral - any luck in finding a new job yet?
i am just having a quiet day, hoping that jake will get paid today because his boss wasnt around when he went to give her his timesheet, grr...sometimes she forgets to pay him til about 3 days later.
Jake and I have ordered 2 way pagers so we can keep in touch with each other in case as we cannot use cellphones for obvious reasons, does anyone around here use 2 way pagers and which service do they use? we are looking around for the best and cheapest service.
TGIF! I am so tired, I feel like I have been hit on the head with a wooden plank, all lethargic, i hope my mono isnt back.

Have a great day all.
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I'm achy, this morning. It rained, last night and my arthritis is making its presence known. Hope it eases up, by tonight - we have dance class.

Rowdy is in her usual mode - tearing through the house and Opie is still in bed. I got doggie slurped, first thing.

The dogs got a nice treat, last night. My next-door neighbor and her grandmother went to Pinnacle Peak, for dinner. They were nice enough, to bring home their steak bones, for Ike and Pearl. Crystal called, first and asked if it was OK. Happy, happy doggies!

Got a response, yesterday, to a resume that I e-mailed. The company wants me to come in, for an interview. I'm going, on Monday. Training pay is $9.00/hour and its a sit-down job. Hopefully, I can get part-time. I just need to supplement my VA pension.

Have a good one!
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congrats Cindy, hope you get the job!
positive thoughts coming your way.
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wow, you guys all have such interesting lives! I'm still awake, have been all night (as per usual). I just finished painting some coasters for a waitress at Darrell's work. The silly thing about this is she wants four of all the same design, which is totally fine, but I'm human, and each disk looks totally different! I mean, I used the same technique and the same colors, but it each one turned out slighlty different than the last, you know what I mean? So glad that's done, that will give me a little cash (woohoo $5 )

My painting room is the spare bedroom, where Tigger hides herself, so I got to spend a little time with her, and of course with Roo following me around they got in a bit of a tiff .

All I have planned for today is going to the bookstore when it opens to get hubby another book (YES- he's reading! I'm so happy. He doesn't read or spell that well, so I've been encouraging him to read more and now I can't stop him!) it would be better if we went to asecond hand book store, but as long as he's reading, I don't care too much!

Then we're going to bed all day, then we both work tonight. So I won't be on TCS for the next two nights . Don't miss me too much! :tounge2:
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Woo hoo!!!!! Today is my last day of work!!!! I'm sad, but happy at the same time. Now I'll have more time to clean my house and catch up on things that have been put on hold for a while. I just hope that I'll be able to find another job soon and that I won't be bored out of my mind.

At least I can use this time to catch up on my homework. Sherrall-what are you doing since you aren't working?

Have a good day everyone! :daisy:
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sherral - I am glad your M-I-L is adjusting to her new home!
Cindy - good luck with the interview.
Tamme - does that mean you won't even be checking in here for 2 days?
Kellye - can't help with the pager thing - don't own one.
Spooky - I am jealous! I wish today were my last day at work too!

John is still home sick as his doctor won't give him a note stating he is fit for duty and work won't let him back without one!

John's mom is back in the hospital again - she went to emerg yesterday.

I am still fighting this sinus/lung infection off - can't seem to shake it

Appointment went well with the ob/gyn yesterday. We will keep with the same meds for the next 2 months and then take it from there.

I really shouldn't be on line today. I am supposed to be updating myself with some work stuff in a division I haven't worked in for 5 months as I have to lead 6 days of role play with new trainees. I am tired of playing catch up and it is giving me a head ache. I need someone to tell me to get off the cat site and buckle down! But then again, TCS may be the only thing that keeps me sane today.
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I'm having a really 'blah and blue' day. Just stopped in to say 'hi' and I'll check in later or tomorrow.

Kellye, we have 2 way phones. I'll tell you all about it later. BTW: we love them!
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Bill and I have AT&T Family Share cell phones. We get unlimited mobile-to-mobile and a lot of anytime and night-and-weekend minutes. Since we talk to each other, more than anything, it works. On top of that, with rebates, our phones were free. We don't even have a landline, in the house. My computer is on broadband.
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GL on the new jobs, and jobs ending... GL taking the 5 grandkids out. I had my 2 nephews last week and almost went nuts LOL

Not much going on here. I guess Im babysitting tonight the third nephew... my cousin is boxing and my sister wants to go see him....

I want to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding... I bought it 2 weeks ago (or when it came out) and have yet to watch it....

I have my son's conference today had a pre-conference last week so Im hoping some improvements have been made....
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i loved my big fat greek wedding, its hilarious and so well made. one of the best movies i have seen in a long time.
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Spooky Thanks for asking right now all I am doing is spring cleaning my house. Not really looking for a job yet.I think I need a little down time,with Ted's mom living here for a year&a half,my grandmother dieing,I just need me time. .
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I *loved* My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I grew up near an area known as Greektown and I could relate to the whole thing!

My sister came over today and we went for a very long walk. The weather was absolutely beautiful!!! The snow was melting, the birds were chirping.....all I can say is Ahhhhhhh!! And I didn't have to take gloves or do up my jacket! Woohooo!!

But now we're suppose to get more snow tomorrow!!

I love my neighborhood!!!! There are so many different housing styles it gave me some ideas on how to renovate our place. Plus, I could walk forever looking at all the historical homes. I can't wait till summer arrives and see all the wonderful garden and landscaping ideas.

Hope everyone has a great restful and peaceful weekend!
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Hey ther missy Kass - who said you were allowed to have a life outside of TCS?
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yea! i gotta go with ady there! what are you doing with a life over there huh?
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Here Kellye and I are woking our hineys of to keep everyone entertained and there you are not pulling your weight.
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Hey!!! I have a life??? Woohoo!!
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Well give it back! How do you know that the life you are living is yours?
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OMG - Ask me a difficult question right before the weekend starts...

Your mean Ady...real....real mean!!

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I give you permission to take the weekend to think about it!
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