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What a sweet baby!!

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Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum but it covers a few topics so I wasn't sure where to put it

There has been a stray kitten living in my nephews friends back yard for roughly about 2 months (?) months now. His friends mom has been feeding him but won't allow him in the house.

So, my nephew brought him home last night because they were very concerned for the baby (the outside temp got down to about 14 degrees here last night .

He has a wound on his leg and I found out it's been there since Christmas, poor baby, looks like it may be a bite wound It does look infected, he favors the leg a bit but is not really limping. We are going to get him to a vet tomorrow, but it's gonna be hard financially (we just went through almost $400.00 at vets in the last 3 weeks or so) . I have been keeping it clean and applied a little bit of antibiotic salve to it.

He looks to be about 4 months old. This boy is such a little love bug though! He just loves being around people.

Here's some pics of him

Here's a pic of his wound

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Awww..poor baby. Thank you so much for taking him in and taking care of lil precious. I hope the wound is not too bad, did he get it from a fight with other strays?
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I have no clue as to how he was injured. I've only just found out about him last night.
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I hope he is coping well .. do you plan on keeping him or just fostering for a while? Some vet will offer a discount for treatment if you let them know that the cat is a stray/rescue. Wishing you and kitty all the best.
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Maybe your vet or another vet clinic will give you a price break b/c he's a stray you're helping, instead of your pet. Where do you live? Is there a Humane Society or SPCA in the community that might have lower cost care?
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aww! the poor little thing
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Aww! Poor little darling!

I'm glad your are his new foster Meowmy, he will be so grateful for your loving care
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Bless his little heart!

Im so glad you have taken him in! And hope he heals up soon.
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Oh, goodness, what a little sweetheart! Bless you for taking him in, and I hope he can get that leg wound taken care of! It looks painful. Give him a smooch for me; I can't resist those baby orange boys!
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It's great of you to take him in. Hope his wound gets better.
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Awww poor baby...he looks like a real going to keep him?
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Awwww much love you are gonna get from that little guy... thank you for saving him!!!!!
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Oh godd Im such a sucker for an Orange Kitty! They just melt my heart!! Thats really true if theres something wrong with them too!!

I hope that isn't absessed! Im glad you took him in and are giving him good care! He looks like a doll!

*nudge nudge* are ya gonna keep him?? He sure would be a sweet addition to your family! And Orange goes with Anything!
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He is such a darling! I am a sucker for an orange kitty boy, too. I hope he gets well soon and makes you a lovely little snuggle bug.
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Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the late update....took him to the vet today and overall he is healthy. His wound looks a whole lot better and the vet said there only a little infection left in it. He got some clavamox and his shots. The vet said it was indeed a bite wound that abscessed.

I'm not sure if we will be keeping him, though he will definitely be here until he finishes healing. Then we will see if we can find him a forever home, if not he will probably stay with us.

We have him in one room for now. The other kitties seem a bit cautious around him but not hostile towards him and he is getting better around our current cats. (he did hiss at them until today.)

Thanks again.
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Diana your an angel for looking after this cherub

Have you thought that Stormy might have played a part in all this
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Thanks Susan! That has actually crossed my mind.

Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Have you thought that Stormy might have played a part in all this

We are calling him Junior for now.

I can't believe how much better his leg looks in only a few days. Will have to get a new pic of it to post. He's put on a bit of weight and his fur seems thicker and longer, though that may be because he can keep clean now.
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