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Toilet Paper...

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Pepper discovered the toilet paper today for the first time! I came home from work to TP all over the bathroom floor. She was sitting in the middle of it looking at me like "What meowmy?! I'm not doing nuthin!"
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Jack is a fan as well--yesterday I needed the toilet paper (if you know what I mean) and it was no where to be found. When I did find it I realized that every 3 squares there are holes (from the chewing)!

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Ah, sounds like a night at my house

Jess goes to me the other day, "I went to use some TP, and it all has holes in it!"

Hmmm, who could've made swiss cheese out of the toilet tissue....
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Luckily she doesn't do it all the time, but I once found a partial roll under my son's bed? that had holes all in it! I like the innocent look they always follow it up with too!
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Wickett used to unroll the TP too... or use it as a scratching post. I took a clean plastic 2 litre bottle and cut it open to make a cover. After a few months he forgot TP existed. Now I let him play with the old rolls. My husband gets annoyed that I don't throw out empty rolls but it's all for the kitty!
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Sasha and Oreo have shredded to many Rolls to Count. We had to hide the paper.
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Sounds like my house also... we have been keeping the bathromm shut up for some time now...
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