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Toby's eye looks funny!

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This all started when i took him to get neutered, He must have picked up a virus, he started sneezing and got really bad runny nasty eyes. He passed it around to the whole gang. I took Torrie in cuz she has herpes and got them all meds. Antibiotic and eye meds. Everyone is comming along and Toby's eyes cleared up BUT...his right eye looks funny. You know how there pupil looks like little slits when its bright out. the right side of that slit is not dilated small like theother..its still half-mooned. It is not bothering him and he is not sick. I checked and he seems to see perfectly fine. I wonder what could that be. I am not going to put him through anything unless I have to .he seems content. He stresses pretty easily.
He was a ferel that was abandoned by his mom when he was a kitten. took me a long time to gain his trust. He was not to happy about the neuter.
any ideas what this could be!
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Is there anyway you could post a picture?
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I could try but I am not sure if I will get the pupil good enough to show what I am talking about
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Hmmmm. Now there is no way I can guess at this or diagnose anything at all so please don't take this as a definite or anything close! But Sonic recently had something that sounds similar - his right pupil wasn't dilating and constricting the same as the left, and his 3rd eyelid was showing in one eye. We took him to the vet, and they said it was Horner's Syndrome - inflammation of the nerve that controls pupil dilation and 3rd eyelid - and that it should clear up ok.

There are several causes (and a lot of times no apparent cause) and a virus causing inflammation is certainly one of them, getting a bruise or a knock to the jaw or neck is another - a common cause is ear infection or vestibular disease which does require treatment to clear up the underlying cause.

But the pupil not constricting properly could also be a sign of all sorts of things that may need treatment - infection of the iris or other part of the eye which can be serious, or a neurological problem.

I think it's best to let the vet have a look, or at the very least describe it to them on the phone, because there are several possibilities, some which don't require treatment and will get better by themselves, but others which do need treatment - and as he's recently been ill it's probably not a good idea to risk it, eye problems can become serious if left.

Fingers crossed that he's ok
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I might also add that a pupil that appears odd could be a sign of a corneal ulcer due to the herpes virus. You might consider going to a vet opthamalogist because a corneal ulcer needs special meds. (Ares's right pupil looked odd and it turned out to be a corneal ulcer due to his herpes.) I hope Torrie feels better!
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