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Burrowing kitties

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Homer's wierd about rolling around and contorting into some really strange (but cute) upsidedown positions when he's sleeping. He also loves to burrow up under a blanket, towel, anything to take a kitty-nap. I'll usually find a lump in my bed soon after I've made it.

Anybody else's kitties love to burrow like that?

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My cats like to burrow under the covers with me while I'm sleeping. But nothing like that.
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Spike actually does both... contorting into the strangest positions and burrowing in blankets...

Is he on his back... or his side???

He reminds me of a pita bread sandwich in this one...
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Too cute!
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those are too cute!
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Leo does the same thing, sometimes under the couch blanket, and in the laundry clothes, once in a while we don't know he is there, look all over th apartment until we find this mysterious lump...
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hehe, Jenn I think Homer and Spike are a lot a like. Their marking are almost the same (especially the face!) except Spike's color is grey. I see Homer in a lot of those goofy sleeping positions that Spike seems to like too.

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Rowdy burrows under the afghan, on the couch, for naps. She likes to get under the comforter and attack Bill and me, in bed, too. We have a small rug, in the bathroom and she will lay on her back, hook an edge, with her paw and roll up in it.
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I thought the same thing Apolex... especially in that first picture of Homer upsidedown, their markings look very close.
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