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My husband is so dumb...

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So we went to the grocery store and I saw this collar that was SO cute for Pepper, so we got it for her. Since she's still so little, it was too big for her. I tried to use a pen to poke a new hole in it, but that wasn't working. Jason (my hubby) says "Here - I'll do it" and takes it from me. Next thing I know he grabs the VERY SHARP kitchen knife sitting by the sink and jabs it into the collar (don't worry, it wasn't on Pepper!!). Well, the knife definately cut through the collar, but it also went straight through his finger! There was blood EVERYWHERE - and I don't do blood very well. After I freaked out for a minute I decided we needed to go to the hospital because the normal practice of holding it above your hear and putting pressure on it wasn't working, and he was getting blood all over the kitchen. We get to the hospital and he's still bleeding so they put us right in. He ended up getting 4 stitches in his finger, and they told us that he had nicked an arterie! I didn't know you had arteries in your fingers. Learn something new every day I guess. The funny part was when we were waiting on the doctor to come back I heard her down the hall laughing with a nurse and I caught the words "trying to fit a kitty cat collar". They were making fun of him! Now that it's over and he's okay, it's really funny... What possessed him to use the sharpest knife in the house is beyond me!
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It probably made the nurses day!! I had no idea you had arteries in your finger either. How about that

I'm glad he's ok though, and I bet he'll be more careful next time he's using the sharp scissors!
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I would have done the same thing. I'm actually not allowed to handle the sharpest knives in the house anymore.
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OMG, that is pretty dumb but I'm glad everything's ok.
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That is definately something my DH would do, he almost sliced his thumb off opening bacon with a sharp knife. we don't let him have sharp ojects
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Same thing here, my DH has a super sharp Army knife that he likes to use. He hasn't cut himself yet but he's scared me a few times with some close calls.
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Poor guy! It ain't easy bein a man!
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I guess I shouldn't laugh...I would've done the same thing. Me and sharp objects do not go well together.

Hope you're boy is a lot better though and that the cut/slice doesn't get infected.
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that is too funny! (we'll not for him- i hope his finger feels better soon)
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Gotta love testosterone...sharpest knives, biggest stick...*grunt, grunt*. I can't say anything though. I stabbed myself twice today trying to mend a comforter and then sliced my thumb open cutting an onion, so I shouldn't touch sharp objects either.

Glad to hear you husband is ok and maybe get him a leather punch for Christmas next year.
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guess he missed the class on how to cut things.
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OWWW! My fingers cringe just reading that! Poor guy! Hope he learned his lesson and feels better soon!
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I've done stupid stuff like that. I'm a bleeder thanks to meds thinning my blood, so even little cuts look awful.

Tip for anyone wanting to make holes in collars - especially nylon collars. Don't cut holes, it looks messy and the material frays.
Get a metal coat hanger (or similar diameter wire) bend it straight. Hold coat hanger or wire with a oven mitt - No need to go to the hospital for burns too!
Heat wire on stove, burn hole in nylon.
If you have a range exhaust fan - turn it on and try not to breath the smoke in, it's nasty.
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What can you expect from someone who won't stop and ask for directions?!

I won't even tell you some of the dummy things MY s/o has attempted (like trying to "fix" our computer, for instance..)

Seriously, I'm glad he didn't hurt himself any worse than he did.

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Just have to ask.... IS THE COLLAR OKAY!! HAHA

That is so something my DH would do... "HEY, let me have the ginsu, I need to put a incredibly small hole in something with the worlds biggest, shappest knife!"

But seriously, Im glad he's okay! I know a lady who went to have a boil lanced, and they hit her artery, she came out of surgery okay yesterday!
I bet the Dr. who did that isn't gonna like the bill!
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Originally Posted by ShopCat View Post
Poor guy! It ain't easy bein a man!
And it sure ain't easy being a man here on TCS with 95% of the members being women and slamming men! Poor guy! He was just trying to help. I've done dumb things like that and I am sure that the women here have too.
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