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A new high with Trouty girl

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First off, Trout only cuddles on her terms..and will not stand to be picked up and cuddled like some sucker

Today, I got home and went into my room. She came running in and was all purry and lovey by my feet. So I pick her up...she stays in my arms...stays..stays...starts purring..stays...I am careful not to move or make a sound to scare her away. She stayed in my arms all cradled in for a good minute It is SO unlike her..I almost melted

She is so cute I am typing this, she is on my lap looking up adoringly at me

Man I love her.
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Awww, that is so sweet!
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Awwww good girl Trouty!!!! Our girls have gotten more lovey since it's gotten a bit colder, maybe Trout is realising how snuggly mummy is when she's cold
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Aww! That's so great!!!
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Aww, bless your little tortie heart Trout.
She's such a little cutie.
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See what happens when you clean under the sofa more often!
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Aww that is sweet, do you think trout could have a talk with Lucky, they seem to have the same personality
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
See what happens when you clean under the sofa more often!
My thoughts exactly!!!
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aww! that's sweet
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That's great! Doesn't that just make you love her even more?
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We can't hold and cuddle our kitties either - though Shelly is sorta starting to. I can hold him and pet him and he'll start purring - for about 30 seconds.

I'd have about melted too! I'm so excited for you!

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Is she in heat?? Hahaha just kidding!

Enzo is pretty independant as well and only has his moments. I know what you mean though! You savor every minute!!!!!!
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awww that is soo sweet
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Arwen cuddled up in my lap last night, and kept staring at me with her cute green eyes Wanted to pick her up..but she was too comfy!
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What a sweet girl you are Trout! Keep giving meowmy some love!
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