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My lost kitty?

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Hi, just wondering how would you know ur lost kitty without any tags?? We lost our cat Salem when we reciently moved. She did not have any tags at the time. A month had passed, I was looking on the humaine society lost and found website. We saw a picture that looked like our cat so we went to the humaine society to look at her. When we got there everything matched.. her age, they found her near our house, she was neutered and declawed. We've had her back home for 6 months now but doesnt seem to know her name and she isnt gaining weight or wanting to go outside. I'm just wondering if she went through so much during that month outside to not know her name??
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Being lost can really change an animal, especially if they found trouble.

I'm pretty confident I could ID Hennessy, microchip notwithstanding, but he's unique (to me, anyway).

But when I get my black kitty (someday!) I'll get him/her microchipped just in case, I couldn't bear the thought of not being able to recognize my own pet.
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If your kitty is declawed she shouldn't be going outside. Most likely, she was attacked & unable to defend herself as she has no front claws. She is rightfully terrified to go outside.

I volunteer at the humane society....you have no idea how many declawed cats come in on deaths door unable to defend themselves outside they are attacked or slowly starve.

I strongly urge you to get her vet checked. You never know what happened. Most of mine, unfortunately, if they got out I would never catch them again or they would die.
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In Alberta its ilegal to have your cats declawed. We wernt aware of all the animals that could kill her. But in our home province we didnt have so many animals that could harm them, and we had her declawed because she was a house cat, but she got a taste of outside and wouldnt stay in. When we first brought her home back in July she was sick, we brought her to the vet and she had a infection from being at the humaine society. Shes a healthy cat. But she just doesnt act like she did before she left. Salem never really came around me before.. but when I picked her up at the Humaine Society she wont leave me now. I guess she knows who saved her....
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