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Anybody have tips for administering shots?

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So, my baby Simba still has not recovered from his URI that he has had since mid December. My vet thinks maybe he has become resistant to the past 2 antibiotics (Zithromax & Zeniquin) we have tried since he has been on them so many times before.

I had him back at the vet on Friday evening and she wants me to try antibiotic injections (Clindamycin) 2x a day. Oh my.... the weekend was rough... I thought once I did it a couple of times, it would become like second nature. Well... I still haven't warmed up to it and am afraid I'm going to hurt my baby. Anybody have any tips for giving a cat a shot? He is really good, but sometimes I feel I don't always get it in. She suggested I pull up the skin on the back part of the neck and give the shot there. The first time I did it he didn't even flinch, but now he jumps. I guess he knows what's coming

I need to do this for the next 3 weeks! If anybody has any tips that would help I'd greatly appreciate it. I just want my baby to get some relief... he is sooo stuffed up.
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2 shots of antibiotics every day for 3 weeks?? Poor little kitty! I have no advice on giving shots...but that seems a little excessive to me? Anyway, I'll send plenty of easy shot to you and Simba both.
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Take a deep breath and chill out... your kitty knows you're scared and will pick up on your energy.

Yes, tent the skin, it will help you know where the needle is going...

Switch spots so your kitty doesn't get sore.

Use the smallest needle you can. If the medicine isn't too thick, a 23 or 25 guage would be best.
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Did they say you could use the rump at all?? Its sometimes easier to switch spots!

Scruff him (I know he wont like it, but it will be easier) Where you have the skin grabbed up, try to give the shot there, after you're done make sure to massage the bump out of there! It really does get to be second nature, it just takes a while! If you can do it in the rump (always ask the vet first) then you might be able to use that too, so maybe his neck doesn't get so sore! There are a couple other spots to give them shots in, but those are the easiest I think! good luck! Kitty can sence your tension so take a zanax first! J/K
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Take one of the used syringes, a cup of water and practice on an orange that you will destroy after practice. The orange skin will mimic the cat's skin and give you the chance to get comfortable in handling the syringe.
Just be sure that you destroy the orange when you are done.
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Thank you all for the wonderful tips! I know they are smart and can pick up on our energy; postive or negative. At least he is good about it...

I thought 3 weeks was excessive also, but my vet said sometimes these things can linger on and since he has been dealing with this since mid December he needs to stay on the antibiotic that long.

He has always gotten these in the past and is usually able to kick it pretty quick. I don't know... maybe now that he is getting older (9 yr.) he is going to have more difficulty with them.
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Oh... also.. yes the vet did say I could give the shot where I wanted, but he is very thin (6 lbs.) and doesn't have a whole lot of meat on him to grab. The scruff behind the neck seems to have the most skin. I generally try to move the location of where I give the shot a bit each day. I would think this would be much easier to do on a fat cat!
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