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What's so good about "Da Bird"???

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I am soooo curious about "Da Bird".
I thought it's another one of those toys on the stick.
Now reading another post below, I am really interested about this one.

Why does this make different from other look a likes???

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Well, the feathers themselves are not attached to the stick like most wand toys. A long string comes off the wand and the feathers are attached where they can move and "flutter" in a realistic bird motion I guess. And you can buy replacement feathers and such so you don't have to buy the whole wand again. Anyways, it something about the way the feathers can flutter about that really gets them going. I highly recommend them
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I don't know what it is. I didn't even get it out of the package before Chay stole the first one from me, and the second one wasn't even out of the bag before he was going after it.

The fishing line swivel they use is pretty unique - I haven't seen any other toys use it. But its very popular at my house for sure!
post #4 of 16's something about the way that it flutters. My cats have some of the other "feather on a fishing pole" toys, but they all pale in comparison to Da Bird. The other kinds don't "fly" like Da Bird does. In fact, when the Da Bird heads get old and start to lose feathers they don't fly as well, and my cats don't play with them as much...I know it's time to get a refill then.
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I tihnk it's:

a) The fact that it's on string so flings better
b) The fishing type swivel combined with way the feathers are arranged - 2 rigid feathers, and a non-rigid feather between them that makes the feathers spin and make a bit of a noise when it flies through the air which makes it exciting for the kitties
c) The pole and string are long, so you can cover a fair bit of ground with it

This is the only toy we have that all 3 cats love playing with, and they can all play at the same time. They position themselves in a big triangle, and stick to their area, so all get a chance to play with it.
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I couldn't wait for everyone's response.
I run to the pet store after work and got one!
I was staying away from feather thing since it makes mess in the house but this swivel thing is definitely interesting.
I will see how my kitties respond.

I guess I could re-engineer one of existing one to be like that.
I have to look at parts at fishing department.

.... My cats are so spoiled....
I have been spending too much money on them.

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Can you get them at Petsmart?
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I don't know what the big deal is either, but I'm going to find out soon!!!!!
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Kazy, the feathers on this one are pretty sturdy and they won't make a mess in the house, as long as you don't leave it where the cats can get at it unsupervised. (See the "Da Bird was Da Stroyed" thread for what happens to Da Birds left unsupervised. )
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Originally Posted by Beck4582 View Post
Can you get them at Petsmart?
Yup, but the PetSmart near me only has the pole that comes apart. I got mine from a "boutique pet store" (for the same price), and it was one long pole rather than being split in 2. I imagine if you get the pole that you have to put together, you can just put lots of good glue in it to make sure it doesn't fall apart while playing.
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My cats went crazy!!

Spinning action is the key.
It's basically a fishing part which prevents fishing line from tangled up.
I think spinning windsock uses same part.
I converted another cat rod already.
Da Bird comes with true fiberglass pole which should be pretty strong.
My other ones all brok from the middle.
I am looking in to buying other attachment!!!

(sigh... More spending.... )

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Originally Posted by Beck4582 View Post
Can you get them at Petsmart?
I've never seen the Da Bird brand at Petsmarts by me. I've seen other brands of fishing-pole toys, but they're not quite the same. There's a Pet Supplies Plus by me that has them, but I got mine from Plain Brown Tabby.
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Petsmart has them. They are awesome for kitties. You just have to let your cat experience it
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I just brought Da Bird home. I am so glad I did! Sebastian went looney for it. This is the same guy who yawns and may deign to bat at the other feather-on-string toy. Daphne wasn't quite sure what to make of Da Bird - probably because this makes the whirring noise. She did play with it, though. Cannot believe Seb's reaction. You would have thought I brought in a real bird! WoohoO!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
They position themselves in a big triangle, and stick to their area, so all get a chance to play with it.
I wish mine would do that, they all leap at once and collide in mid air

I try not to let them catch it though or it's destroyed in 30 seconds.
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I didnt even relize I have one. The Cats love it but its destroyed by Sasha. She wrecks every toy she touches.
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