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Those with PCOS

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Does anyone here suffer from PCOS??

my doc said she thinks i have it, since im overweight and dont have a period alot. I jsut got it back after 18 months, and i want to keep it going so i can have kids. Anyone treat PCOS naturally or have any tips?
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I have PCOS. I started my period when I was 11, now I'm 20 and I have had only about 10 naturals periods. My doctor put me on proestogene (sp?) to see if it was my hormones messed up or to see it their was a physical problem. It turned up that it was hormones and since I am overweight they said that I have PCOS. It sucks because they told me that the best way to fix it was to lose weight. I started gaining weight right when I hit puberty. I don't eat more than my friends that are all skinny! They tested my blood and my testosterone levels are normals. They are actually a little bit low. So they came up with my diagnosis by me being insulin resistant and overweight and my lack of periods. I actually lost my insurance for a while so I wasn't able to take birth control pills so I haven't had my period in almost a year. I go to my OB-GYN next month so I will get put on another birth control. I'm kind of scared because last time I started I had unbearable cramps. I couldn't even walk. I am scared about not being able to have kids too. PM me if you want to talk more. I'm interested in hearing how you deal with it and I have other questions that are kind of personal.
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I have PCOS and have had it for over 30 years. I was only diagnosed with it though in the late 1980's.

There is no cure for PCOS. But having it doesn't mean the end of the world either. TBH I don't even think about it unless I see a thread such as this one.

Some say that 1 in 10 women will have this, but the numbers are much higher. More than 50% of the female population has it but many don't even realize it because they are on birth control pills and get a forced period every month. So it's very common. It's the #1 cause for difficulty getting pregnant.

While many women with PCOS can get pregnant without any difficulty, there are some that need to resort to fertility drugs in order to increase their chances of ovulation and becoming pregnant. But that is not for all women. There are very many who can get pregnant without fertility drugs and without any issues/delays at all.

Some symptoms of PCOS:

1. Irregular periods, sometimes non existant for months and even years.
2. Weight gain usually around the middle section of the body
3. Rapid hair growth
4. Facial hair (dark and coarse)
5. Skin tags (papillomas) which are non cancerous. They can appear anywhere on the body but are most typical in areas with sweat glands such as arm pits, neck, under breasts, groins...skin folds.
6. male pattern baldness
7. pain during sex
8. painful periods
9. very light or very heavy (hemmorage) periods

There is no cure for PCOS. Once you have it you always have it for life.

Treatment is geared towards managing it only.

1. Diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight
2. Reduce the amount of sugary foods so that you are not increasing your risk of diabetes
3. Daily birth control pills to give you the hormones that your body is lacking and to force a monthly period. There is also the option of taking progesterone hormone for 5 or 10 days out of every month to force a monthly period.
4. Metformin which is a diabetic medication, but it's also used in the treatment of PCOS. But if you tend towards lower blood sugars you may not be a candidate for Metformin.

Here are a couple of links that you can read.



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