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New kitten food?

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My 7 month old cat, Cali, is getting into all kinds of trouble. I think it is because she is tired of her food so she is looking for something else to eat. Because she isn't 1 year-old yet, she still needs kitten food. My family and I have looked all over trying to find different brands for her but we can only find Iams and Science Diet. She has been eating thoes two brands now for 6 months straight. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help with this problem?????
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do you have access to buying online??

what types of problems is she having??

has her vet seen her for them??
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She doesn't have any health problems. She just keeps jumping on the dinner table and counters. She also opens the pantry and gets in all the bags and boxes of food trying to find something to eat. If the loaf of bread is sitting on the counter she rips the bag open to get bread out. There has also been times when we have found food that had been drug off the counter and taken under the couch. She spends every waking moment searching for different food.

Yes I can order things off the internet. What are some websites that have good kitten canned food?
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others will come and give you other good sites..

www.catniptoys.com she also has some very good treats and foods
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IMO a 7th month old kitten doesn't need to be eating kitten food any more. Unless its a large breed like a Maine Coon. I'd start switching him over to adult food.

If you are feeding just dry, try adding a 1/3 - 1/2 can of canned foods to his diet. How much dry are you feeding now?

And is he neutered yet?
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