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trying out the iPod touch

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test drive. Don't have one yet
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I have one, I love it.

Does the one you're trying out have the iPhone apps (mail, weather maps, stocks, notes) on it? Make sure it does if you buy one. Otherwise it's $20.
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I didn't know you could get the iphone apps on the touch - how do you do that?

that must be why it was 20$ cheaper.

On another note:

The site looked really nice and clear!

I'm still debating on whether or not to get this as my main mp3 player...

is anyone else debating on getting this or have one already?
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The apps come on new iPod Touches...they are supposed to be free if you buy after Jan 1st. Otherwise, they are being sold through iTunes store for $20. If you buy one now it should be OK and get them free.

I use mine as 777 (oops, cat typing, lol) my back-up mp3 player actually, but I'm debating selling my 30 gig video iPod and just using this one (I have the 16 GB iPod Touch).

I love the touch for wifi and watching movies.
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If I were you buy the iPod classic. LOTZ more gig and everything!
I have both the iPhone and iPod classic. The iPod touch seems overpriced and only has like 8g.... vs the iPod classic has 80g or 160g.
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My iPod Touch has 16 gigs - plenty of room if I make playlists and only put the stuff I actually listen to on it. I didn't want the iPhone because I don't want to switch to AT&T.

I'd get the Classic if you don't want wifi, but I wanted wifi (for school, so I don't have to drag my laptop around with me all the time).
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I definitely don't want to get the iPhone - because I don't want AT&T, I don't want mega gigs either because that's too much music for me to carry around.......I definitely want wifi! - I did a search online for those apps - maybe it's just me but it seems sort of hack-ish.....hmmmmm
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Those apps are available from Apple via the iTunes store (for $20), so they are perfectly legal. They should come free and already installed on any new iTouch you buy now though.

You're probably finding references to the 'jailbroken' iPod Touches that got the iPhone apps months before Apple was selling them.

There should be new applications for the iPod Touch available in February when Apple allows third party developers to make apps for the Touch! Hopefully they won't cost very much.

I really like mine - I go to a cafe up the road that has free wifi and I can surf and stuff, check my email, all without my laptop or big phone fees. Love it!
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I've got a Zune... I like it a lot. I've looked at IPods, but I like the Zune. Just a thought...
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does the zune only work with windows??P. S. I JUST NOTICED I HAVE 3000 POSTS
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I debated heavily on this and actually ended up buying an 8 gig nano for the time being. I did want the wifi, but the lack of a physical volume control (ie touchpad) is what tipped the scale for me to save a little for now and get the nano. I need to have that for the gym, I understand the touch screen can "lock" and require additional steps if you need to adjust the volume after a period of inactivity.

I'll eventually want to get one, but I've decided I'm just gonna wait until I can get a little more memory on an i-touch--with that screen I'll want to use it to watch stuff, and 16G isn't really a lot for video. Then I can use the nano for the gym and the itouch for traveling.
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I did want the wifi, but the lack of a physical volume control (ie touchpad)
Yeah, this is the reason I am probably going to keep my 30 GB video iPod in addition to my iPod Touch. I use my iPod in the car (with an aux input cable) and it is hard/impossible to switch songs with the Touch - with the 30 GB I can just reach down (without looking, keeping my eyes on the road) and hit forward on the click wheel.

Also, the Touch does not function is disk mode, i.e. you can't use it to store files on like you can with the other iPods. I bought an Apple camera connector and use my 30 GB iPod to store digital pictures on when I travel (which is usally camping - no place for a laptop!). The camera connector lets me transfer photos from my digital camera onto my iPod when my memory stick is full. So that is another thing to keep in mind.

But I feel the iPod touch makes up for it with the wi-fi. It is really nice to have an internet device with me at all many places have free wi-fi now and if your stuck waiting without a book, surfing the internet kills the time!

If the larger iPods had wi-fi that would be sweet, but they don't.
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