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my cat....

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my 4 month year old cat will not stop itching himself. We have another cat that is 18 months old. He has red bumps and lost all of his fur under his chin. Also, his lymph glands are swollen. We already took him to the vet and they thought it was a common fungi but i forgot what it was called. Another thing that he does is he likes to go into plants, my mom insured me that they were not poisonous. I forgot to mention that he has white patches over his eyes. Though, what i think it is food poisioning. Can anyone help? be greatly appreciated.
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Did the vet give him anything to treat the fungus?

Here is a link to a list of plants that are toxic to cats: http://www.cfainc.org/articles/plants.html

If the kitty is not on medication and the vet didn't give you any, I'd suggest asking your mom to take him to another vet. Your poor kitty is suffering!

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they did give him some antifungal soap and we just used clavamix w/e that is. I dont think hes suffering b/c he would be sleeping all day and not acting normal. I appreciate that list ill show my mom that.
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Just because he's not sleeping all day doesn't mean he's not suffering - where did you get that from? He needs to be seen by the vet again (or another vet) because whether or not the problem is fungal, it may be an allergy, or to do with the plants - which should be kept somewhere away from the cats.
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If the vet gave you anti-fungal soap....does he have ringworm? If so, it spreads to other animals & people. You need to go back to the vet, or a different one. Trust me....I've been through ringworm. If you are not pro-active in your treatment....it gets very bad.
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I'm sorry - I thought you said he can't stop itching himself, that he has red bumps, and lost all the hair under his chin. If he's constantly itching, it sounds to me like he's not comfortable - in fact, like he's pretty miserable. I don't like being itchy from just a couple mosquito bites, let alone having something like poison ivy all over my body.

And I think you also said he has white patches over his eyes. I assumed you weren't talking about his fur coloring. That doesn't sound too comfortable either. I think he needs to get back to the vet or to another (maybe better) vet.

White Cat Lover has lived through problems like this. I would take her advice.

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