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Noo! Sick before the interview!

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I can't shake off this cold (?) and my job interview at the humane society is tomorrow afternoon! My husband said that I had a fever and gave me some medicine to remedy it but I still feel hot even though the fever's down. This just came out of nowhere honestly, I woke up Saturday morning sick and it just kept getting worse.

So, what should I do? Make it to the interview but not shake hands or anything and tell them that I really need to get home and rest or reschedule the interview? I really need some health vibes here.
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I would call them tomorrow morning if you are still feeling this way. Let them know you are sick, and give them the option of whether they want you to come in or reschedule.

You want to be honest because they might look down on you coming if you are sick

Sending many health vibes!!
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How bad do you need this job and would you be able to handle an hour or two of dressing up nice and chatting with people? See how you're feeling tomorrow and if it's that bad ask to reschedule. But one personal experience...I had an interview with an animal hospital. The night before my rat got bitten by his brothers and it got infected, we spent all night at the emergency vet's with instruction to take him to an exotic vet first thing in the morning. Animal hospital...even after knowing my circumstances..wouldn't let me reschedule. So...I missed that interview. My animals come first.
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Thanks for the advice, both of you. I hope I feel better tomorrow. One of my neighbors came to visit and she got one look at me and said, "Good god girl, what in the world's wrong with you? You look terrible!" I laughed and told her I wasn't feeling too well.
At least I have my DH and kitties to make me feel better. The cats are sticking to me like glue for some reason.
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