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Do you think your kitties look like boys or girls? - Page 2

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although Macho has a pretty face but he definitely looks like a boy
after all his name is MACHO
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Whenever anyone sees Butterfingers they think he's a little girl. I guess it's in his mannerisms. He acts very feminine too, and he is always making sure he is really clean. For a while even my mother thought he was a girl

Chico on the other hand is never mistaken for a girl. He just looks so manly. It's funny, always being a pig. My friends refer to him, not as Chico, but as "King Chubby"
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Maybe it's my imagination but boy cats walk different compare to the girls. To me males stride like "cheetahs" while girls are more like "lionesses". It's the shoulder thing.
You've never met my Levi. I think his face looks like a boy kitty, but he prances. I'm not kidding he prances and has the highest pitch meow.
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out of all 9 of our kitties, Dusty is the only one who had a hard time, when my husband first rescued him, I thought it was a female, then I went to sedate her for her spay and realized she had some junk in her trunk-it's a boy!!! To this day he is still a gorgeous looking cat and looks a little on the girly side-i think it is the black around his eyes that make him look like he has eyeliner on. I need to get my signature updated so you can see how handsome he really is. I do think that they portray a certain air about them that lets you know what sex they are-as someone mentioned earlier-even the way they walk is different.
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Both of mine definitely look like boys!
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Of my cats, both girls, Marble looks and acts like a boy (thick looking, muscular, active) and Mia is all girl (petite). Of my mom's cats, Bobo (boy) gets mistaken for a girl (pure white coat with a cute pink button nose) and Itsy (girl) looks like a girl (smaller torbie).
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I think my boy looks like a boy and my girl DEFF looks like a girl, but thats probably cause I know them. who knows what a stranger would say...
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Nemo ALWAYS gets mistaken for a girl. It's because he's so pretty though! The fluffy white coat and odd eyes are not very manly I suppose. He is also pretty petite which adds to his "girly" air. Even the vet techs commonly mistake him for a girl and they have known him since he was tiny! Trinity definately looks like a girl, but then again she is a calico. I think that Bentley and Mercury both look like boys but Mercury has been called a she once or twice too.
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All three of my cats look like their sexes.
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tabitha, although she is a little on the 'cuddly' side she looks like a girl. she is always moaning at the kittens in a very high pitched girly voice too!

i would totally agree about the walking differently as far as milo is concerned. he definitely has that big cat swagger! he is far too petitie and dainty though and that quite often throws people!

shinobi also gets mistaken for a girl. with his big bat ears and small features he does look female. plus he is extremely vocal but has the campest meow ever!
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With a name like Pippin my poor little boy had no chance! My dad always refers to him as a her and it drives me insane!

He's got the moody face of a teenage boy!
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I think Isabel looks like a boy and Sylvie looks like a girl.

And people are always calling Comet(my boy dog) a pretty girl!
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Hmm, that`s tough.

I didn`t really know what sex Kitty was at first but I think he looks like a boy now. Other people keep calling him 'Her' though, especially the vet! I did give him a girly name

Maisie I think looks like a girl. She has a tiny little tippy-up princess nose.
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Squishy most definately looks like a little girl...
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My Lily looks like a girl if you ask me. She was mistaken for a boy once, but that was only because the lady was saying she could be her male Siameses twin.

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Yes, Wesley looks like a boy, he is big and tough looking. Even his paws are nice and big and Sox looks like a girl, she is a little thing, very dainty!
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Both of my cats are boys, but Oreo is much more dainty than Spookie. He loves his leather collar with the bells. He'll be sitting there and will shake his head just to hear the jingles. He has smaller paws than his brother, and appears to run more on the tips of his paws than his brother. He also sits pretty, and poses. He totally could be mistaken for a girl cat.
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