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kitty needs help!

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I was wondering if someone out there can help. My cat sometimes does this pat pat thing. He continuously pats something that is soft. Sometimes he just runs away. Tonight though he was patting my black sweater, is it possible he was going to get busy with the sweater? He is neutered. But why does he do this? Thanks for your help.
crazyjane + Kitty
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Hi crazyjane,

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by doing a 'pat pat thing', but my best guess is that your kitty might be kneading? Does it look a lot like a person kneading dough? - alternating his little kitty paws on a soft surface? If so, it's completely normal, and no, he is not trying to "get busy" with your sweater. Actually, my little Spike kneads on soft blankets a lot also, and he gets this glazed look in his eyes, and looks so relaxed... I keep waiting for him to just drool right there!

I've heard that cats knead because when they're baby kittens, they push up against their mom's tummy to stimulate the milkflow... so your little guy may have just kept the habit, like mine.

Oh, and btw, welcome to the board! :tounge2:
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