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We get tornadoes around here, and bad storms. Last summer we had a terrible storm that destroyed a lot of stuff in our area. We were very lucky...we had a big mess in the yard, and no power for five days, but no real damage.

We're probably not as prepared for disaster as we should be. I do make sure that I have carriers for the cats on each floor of the house so I can get to one if I need to evacuate them in a hurry.
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Hurricanes, Nor'Easters and occasional blizzards.
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Tornadoes and flooding in the summer. Blizzards or ice storms in the winter. I have a NOAA Weather Radio with alert feature. I also keep my basement stocked with food, cat food, and water for emergencies.
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Just Hurricanes!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Hurricanes, Nor'Easters and occasional blizzards.
Lately they have been missing us.
Tornadoes are becoming more common however.

My area doesn't flood but there are a few places within the city that does.
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We often get remnants of hurricanes/tropical storms in the summer, but we've had a couple of hurricanes hit (last one being Hurricane Juan in September 2003). We also get nor'easters, blizzards, ice storms.

As for being prepared, unfortunately I'm not. I think about it but I'm horrible for procrastinating.
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Mostly bad thunderstorms & heavy rain, possible tornadoes, and a chance for hurricanes (Hurricane Rita caused major damage in this area when it blew through in '05).

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here tornadoes which for some odd reason scares the wife more then where are other house is,,

lol there you have earthquakes, volcano;s, tsunami;s, bird flu oh boy
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Ohh I forgot to add that we ARE prepared for anything! There is a certain spot that the children will be at in case of anything nuclear, theres food and water and stuff for the cats and kids to last a month, blankets clothing, stuff like that! We even have special first aid kits and special flashlights! Though I bet when it came down to being trapped down there due to bad weather or something there WOULD be something I forgot! OMG!! I dont have diapers down there! Just thought about that.... YUCK!!
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