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Question of the Day...........January 21...

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Good morning my dear friends…
Today I have the privilege to post here your daily question for the Lounge… I want to mention that all questions here are just for the unique porpoise of fun and of course, to stay in touch with all members, and to know what do you think about it… of course sometimes some questions are a kind of silly but funniest in the bottom!..… so lets begin…

So the question is:
Please would you tell us if you live in an area that could be in a natural danger by the Mother Nature? I mean for example: earthquake, tornado, flooding etc…..…did you take some measures about it to keep your safety?

For me ( answering the question to myself,) I live in an area where is the path of Hurricanes when is season...... and is a living terror about it when there are alert of menace.......

What about you my friends?
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Theres quite a bit flooding going on in the UK, but thankfully not where i live
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We have tornadoes here and remnants from hurricanes that come inland.
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Just huge snow storms here...
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We have Hurricanes down here in the panhandle of Florida.

We prepare our hurricane box every June. Fresh batteries, flash lights, radio, medical kit, can food, water, extra bags of food for the animals. Normally we fix the box and forget about it until it might be needed.
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Unfortunately, we have a tendency for tornadoes during certain seasons...
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We have hurricanes here in North Carolina, also tornadoes and flooding.
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I'm in earthquake country I guess...and I'm not really doing a whole lot of anything. Unless keeping things ground level so nothing falls very fall counts..but that's due to me being short more than prevention.
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Tornadoes around here! But we had a horrible flood last year!! Hope to goodness that never happens again!!
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Salt Lake has a very big fault line and some day will have a catastrophic earthquake. (So the scientist say.)
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The area I live in is in an area where flooding, blizzards, and tornadoes can occur. Luckily I am up on a hill so flooding is not a factor for me, tornadoes are rare because I'm not exposed on the flat plains, and when it blizzards I just stay indoors if I can (if the power goes out that is a different story). However, in a year when I graduate from school I plan on moving to an area that is warmer, so my answer will change.
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Blizzard or drought perhaps.
I suppose there is some small risk of flash flooding (it is a desert afterall), but we don't really get much rain.
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Flooding is a big risk here, which is why we bought a house on a hill, we also have heavy snowfalls, that can sometimes leave us stranded and without electricity,
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Definitely earthquake zone. There are earthquakes all the time, just not "The Big One" yet -- though, that's only a matter of time. Preparedness? There's a lot more of that going on than there was only a few years ago, but we're very good at procrastinating...
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I never thought flooding was a big concern here, but it was in August when we lost everything due to flooding.

We also have big snow storms & sometimes a tornado watch/warning in the summer, but nothing massive usually.
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We get hurricanes here, but the few I've experienced have been just the arms and weaker ones. Since I do live on the coast, and a bay, flooding is probably possible. I have a lake, swamp, and river within a mile of my home. The lake and river are less than half that actually. I've not seen flooding beyond street flooding in the 13 years I've lived in this state though. I guess all the wetlands swallow it up. Also my home is about 6 miles from the coast too.

I know this area has gotten bad ice storms before and occasionally we'll get a snowstorm that dumps several feet of snow, but nothing like we got when I lived in Upstate NY. They are just better equipped to handle that up there than we are.

Oh! We also do get the occasional tornado watch. There have been 2 or 3 in the state in the past 10 years, one was near a friends home, but they were very minor. Mostly just flipped a car or 2 and took down a tree here and there.
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
Just huge snow storms here...
For me too
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We are in an area that's prone to tornadoes. I've also heard that we're sitting near a major fault line and could expect an earthquake at any moment.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Theres quite a bit flooding going on in the UK, but thankfully not where i live
yeh, there is lots of flooding in the UK lately, am lucky that i don't live near any of it. i feel for all the people that lose homes through this, must be torture. i mean having to re-build your lives over & over, not knowing when it'll happen again
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we have little tiny earthquakes around here, but not any where near large enough to cause damage and we do get tornadoes, but they usually aren't that big. We can and do get pretty bad snowstorms though!
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Here in South Dakota we have the best of all the weather! During the winter we get blizzards, and because of the blizzards, when the snow melts, the whole town floods! In 1997 we were declared a national disaster area due to flooding! We had to move out of our house right along with a ton of other people! Last year our basement flooded (We had just remodeled it right before we moved in) so I had to try to save all the new woodworking and couches and stuff, so I spent 15 hours pushing water with a squigy into the drain! BTW, we have always had a sunk pump, it was just too flooded to help that much!

During the summer we are right in tornado ally so we have a bunch of those too! Thank godd I dont live in a trailer park, because those are always the first thing tornados go for!
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I live in eastern North Carolina so we are prone to hurricanes. Although it has been a while since we have had one! *knocks on wood*
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I don't think there's any area that doesn't have some threat from Mother Nature hanging over it's head. If it's not Hurricanes it's Tornados, if it's not wildfires, it's floods, if it's not drought it's... well you get my drift.

Here, it's tornados and drought...

Where I am from it's Blizzards, tornados, and some spring flooding.
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I would say snow/ice would be the worst. We have been lucky on not having any tornados however a couple of years ago out house and property escaped damage from a wind shear.
As for flooding we are about 300 yds away from a small creek but out house is much higher and any flood waters would stay away from us.

Are we really prepared?? Partially!!
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Tornados are pretty common here, so are straight line winds (Hurricane Elvis was made of straight line winds here a few yrs back- we were without power for two weeks!)

I am VERY careful when i hear about tornado watches/ warnings! I went through one in Oklahoma once while visiting my cousin. It was the most terrifying thing ever. They lived just a few miles down the road from Moore, Oklahoma (the city that was pretty much demolished a few yrs back in a very bad tornado.) Tornados scare the devil out of me.

So i always keep the house as clean/non-cluttered as i can keep it so that if one hits and we need to get to shelter in the house we can do it quickly. My game plan in the house we're in now is to have Colin and I in the bathtub with pillows/blankets over us and all of the animals in the bathroom with us as well inside of their crate together so that things can not fall on their head. We also have our weather radio programed at all times for warnings. I've also got a 3 days survival /first aid kit for both Colin and I and i have rain/fire proof folders with copies of ALL of our important documents as well as all of the animals documents/etc. We also have a survivial kit for the pets too should they need it.

We're long overdue for an earthquake in our area- so that has me a little nervous. I've never been through one- so i've tried to go online and research a bit so i know what to do if one hits.

We also get flash floods often here when it gets really rainy- that's not so bad though as long as you aren't driving in it (which you should not be driving in a flash flood anyways!)
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I live in the SF Bay Area so that would be earthquakes. Also, when it rains a great deal, we get mudslides. Lots of times houses go down with the mud.
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There are not many things that actually hit in Michigan, we get lake effect snow from Lake Michigan, that's about it.
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There has been Tornadoes here in KY in the past and also there are areas that flood near us but not exactly where we are.
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We have flooding here...we're the last to get a hurricane on its path out the Atlantic and also we're in the middle for Nor'easters.
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Mainly just blizzards here although have been a few tornado's south of where I live. In the summer we do get some wild thunder storms that do a lot of property damage and such.
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