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I am SOO having a Monday!!

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My goodness, what a day so far! After a broken nights sleep (nothing unusual) I miss my bus to work, scald my hand on water from the kettle while making my pre-cleaning cup of tea, trap my fingers in a door, smack my head a couple of times on shelves and a windowsill and to top it all off, get a lovely little set of perfect puncture wounds on my index finger (teeth right to the bone) from a little feral kitten. He played at being tame, blinking and licking lips and purring - right up until I got close enough to the bars for him to get me through them - I could almost hear him screaming "SUCKEEEERR!!" Unfortunately - and obviously - he has failed the temperament test miserably. So I'm feeling a little bit bruised and battered, I STINK to high heaven of un-castrated male cat and industrial strength disinfectant, my hand is all thoroughly cleaned and sterile and of course strapped up - but I'm about ready to put my head under my duvet and wait for Tuesday!! Some Mondays just don't know when to quit it, do they!

I hope you're all having a MUCH better day!!
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Aww I'm sorry *huggies* Just go back to sleep and when you wake up, it'll all be better. And go get some ice cream! :P
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Wow, that sounds like quite the awful Monday! I hope your day turns out better than it started
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Oh my, you need a drink!

Hope your day gets better
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Aww we hope your Monday goes better! Sounds like its one thing after another...
Heres For the rest of the week to go much better for you!!
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aww! i hope your day gets much better
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tell me about it. Im not in the mood to do anything!
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Sending lots of vibes that your day gets better!
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Thanks guys - you've cheered me up I can't move my finger at all at the moment - just because of the swelling at the knuckle, but it has been disinfected three times and re-bandaged. I think it's just because of WHERE the punctures are that it's so painful. I have taken your advice and had a drink and I'm feeling, if nothing else, slightly tipsy!

I did have an upside - I went and bought my SILs birthday present - which she LOVED - and I've put my engagement ring into the jewellers to be resized. I need it made a little bigger because my fingers have swollen with the exema Every time I put it on or take it off, it rubs and irritates the skin so that I can't move it again. So my jeweller has agreed that it would be a good idea to have it made a little bigger (only a couple of mm) so that I can have the extra room - and if it's a little too big when the exema is gone, she's given me a little plastic doofy to go on the back just to hold it in place until she can make it smaller again. I doubt I'm going to need that service though, I've put on weight! But I'm really impressed - she's going to resize it for me and I can pick it up on Friday!! My last jeweller couldn't put one stone in one earring within 3 months and even then he botched it and I had to ahve it done again (botched again, unfortunately)! So I'm going to have it all ready for my vacation on Saturday. I'm so pleased - it made my day!
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