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Daily Thread Monday Jan 21st

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Good morning!

Yep, its Monday again..where does the weekend go?

I had a good alot of things accomplished..Today I have not much going on. I have designed a new workout for myself and I start that today at the gym though So thats exciting for me

Oh and of course, on Mondays I get to leave work at 3:30..which is awesome It is FRIGID here is -14..and I can barely stand it..I want regular temps back

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!!
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It's started snowing here, but i don't think it'll lie because it's wet outside with all the rain this morning first thing.

I've just signed up with weight watchers online because i can't get to class, so i hope this works
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Good morning! Very windy wet weather here. I had a nice relaxing weekend but I've a long monday ahead of me; I'm not finished work until 8pm. It sucks.
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hello everyone! am doing nothing today hehe. last night i went to watch Sweeney Todd, that film was sooo amazing! Johnny Depp's fantastic
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-14??? I wish it was -14..its -37 with the windchill here....but that is celcius..hang on ..i'll convert it....gee..-33F...not much difference....
without the windchill its -27c or -17f...
can you follow that? lol
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
-14??? I wish it was -14..its -37 with the windchill here....but that is celcius..hang on ..i'll convert it....gee..-33F...not much difference....
without the windchill its -27c or -17f...
can you follow that? lol
I am celcius too...I would DIE in -37 I am originally from Ottawa and it gets to be that cold there Thankfully I am in London, (ONT) now.
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Hi All! :waves:

Yup, monday for me also. Well, if you want warmth is a toast 14 F (whatever that is in C).

I wish I could have done one more day for the weekend...otherwise tonight I'm going to try and make the pilates class at the gym...the weights area is always busy M-W...Thursday its fine.
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Well as several people know the state of Wisconsin is in mourning for the game loss yesterday. Man it was cold!!!!

Anyhow I'm on early as due to the holiday I didn't get my morning newpaper.
Temps -3F (-19C) with a windchill of -13F. A snowstorm is to start later this morning with around 4-7" by time its done tomorrow morning. Gues I better buy some gas for the snowblower.

I have a class this morning at the Green Bay Botanical Garden and "Hot Plants for 2008".
For me its that time to start getting my seed orders ready and lists started for clients.
My sister gave me an idea from the Washington Post yesterday on another direction I could expand my business too!!

Not much else after my class-depending on snowfall I might run a couple of errands.

I did lots of cooking yesterday so leftovers for dinner (Loaded Baked Potato Soup!!)

Enjoy Monday everyone!!
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Morning All!

Bitterly cold here as well -21 with wind chill of -30 so not quite as bad as Winnipeg, but colder then London. The sun is actually shining so it looks quite pleasant -that is until you step outside and your eyelashes start to freeze..

Work as usual today, have a meeting this afternoon so most likely will be working until 5. After work I just have to drop off a couple of movies and then home.

A little tired today, didn't sleep very well. Must have been because of the full moon.

Kitties are tearing around the house getting into mischief...

Everyone have a good day, and those of you in the deep freeze try and stay warm
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Hey all!!! I havent been outside today but I am betting it is COLD!

I have a awful headache!!

Hope everyone has a super day!!!
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Its cooold here today. My house is freezing too. I don't think the heat works right because its turned up but its still cold in here. The weather network says its -9c and feels like -17c today. Although the closest it gives me is London (Ontario), and I am about 20 minutes from there and my thermometer outside the house usually says its a few degrees colder.

Got no plans today. Work called and wanted me to work 12-5, but I didn't get the message until about 1:30.
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I have already dont all the morning stuff, Just giving the kids lunch now, and then NAPS FOR THEM!! Im so excited! It means like a half hour to myself!! YAY!!!

Its colder than cold here, -19*F so I have no idea what that is in celcius...
We are in the middle of snowstorm, which I had to drive in today, had to take my mom to the dr.s 44 miles away from here, and only one half of the road was drivable, and if you had a semi in front of you you couldn't see anything! I was glad to get home!

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It's very cold here in NJ also, right now 24 degrees. Oh well it's winter, what can we do.
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Well, it isn't cold here - about 44F. The forecast for today is showers, and for tomorrow, Wed., Thurs., Friday, Sat and Sunday. Oh! I think that for one of those days rain is forecast. It's okay because we need the rain. And it is snowing in the Sierras! Yeah!
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Ahh yes -14 celcius..i'd be really happy !..although...its warmed up now to -32 with the I just checked.
what a balmy day

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I am celcius too...I would DIE in -37 I am originally from Ottawa and it gets to be that cold there Thankfully I am in London, (ONT) now.
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It is -20C here with a windchill of -28 . I am freezing, I hurt all over, I don't want to go out, but I have to pick the kids up from school, brrrrrr. My electric blanket died last night . I love my blankie
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I had work all morning. It was below freezing outside and the shelter was an utter mess to get clean today. Didn't help that my regular volunteers on Sunday have been "banned" from comming on Sundays now So Colin, being the awesome guy he is- woke up when i did and came to work and helped me clean It certainly helped quite a bit. It just is WAY too much when i'm stuck cleaning the entire place by myself.

Tomorrow and Wed i will be looking for a new job- so hopefully i won't have to keep doing that much longer! Geesh i was hired to do medical work as a vet tech, NOT clean kennels My job stinks I'm totally happy that the day is over with and i'm off work the next two days

After work i stopped by my favorite Italian place and got a customized Calzone (they make it without sugar and certain things for me so i can eat it - i LOVE those people there!!!!)

Now i'm hanging around the house relaxing a little bit. Tonight i might hang out with my friend for a little bit and then start packing up my house to move soon.
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It's cold and snowing outside, how much more of a Monday can you get?
I had to go out and go to a meeting today, driving in horrendous conditions for 1 hour. Sad isn't it? I'd prefer to NOT kill myself for this poop. (sorry potty mouth)
I am in the process of job hunting. I hate this stuff. After 15 years of working there, I'm trying to get out. Finally, they've driven me to the breaking point. I found out that I am going to be knocked down to an hourly employee when they open the new store instead of the salaried manager I am now. How do you like them apples? So apparently working there 15 years means NOTHING to the new owner, because they are promoting the 6 year asst of the other store over me.
So I've given up. I can't fight anymore. I'm tired of proving myself over and over and still getting shafted, so I'm done. Now to find something remotely in the payrate that I make now and to not loose to much money. I feel so angry and upset. How can I prove myself when noone listens or cares?
ok, rant over.
Have a good day for me everyone! send vibes that I can find a new job soon please!!!!
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Hi all. It's cold here as well and it got so cold Sunday morning that a pipe in our apartment building froze and busted, so we've been without water for about 2 days. Hopefully they'll get it fixed tonight.
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