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got this by email this morning and thought it was worth posting in case anyone here is on benefits

If this saves one person for being scammed it will have done some good i suppose.

A post to point out that there is a letter in circulation which attempts to obtain identity details from benefit customers following the loss of the HMRC discs.

The letter has various errors and should be easily identified as not genuine, however someone will get caught out. The letter says it is from Inland Revenue - should be HMRC. The DLO postal address on the envelope is for a PO Box in Chelmsford but gives a CH not CM postcode. The grammer is poor and doesn't read as though it is from a government official. There are no offical DWP or HMRC logo's only the typed names of Inland Revenue and DWP.

A summary of the content of the letter is that, following checks made regarding the data discs that were lost, a tax payer is allegedly recorded at your address as paying tax upto November 2007 and you are receiving DWP benefits. A file has been sent to DWP who will want verification of your ID, mentioning bank accounts, passport etc. to ensure your DWP claim is genuine.

The letter threatens the maximum penalties for benefit fraud.
It ends by saying the DWP interview will be recorded. I suspect the receipient will be telephoned and attempts made to get the details over the phone.
NEVER give any personal information over the phone. Take the letter to your local HMRC office who will refer on to HMRC investigators.

Please pass on to any people you know on benefit as this post will quickly get lost amongst the many thousands of posts every day.