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Cats with Asthma

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Hey guys,
this is my first post as a momma with a kitty with asthma (still not 100% diagnosed but I think so...)

Cello had to go into emerg all day yesterday due to what seems like a severe asthmatic reaction to something in some laundry soap he licked off his paws.

Now I'm supposed to make an appointment with my vet to start treating him but realistically I can't make the appointment until the end of the week but I'm worried about him.

He will randomly start wheezing pretty hard. Just for a couple seconds then stop (when I took him in the wheezing was laboured breathing and was non-stop and shallow) this isn't shallow. But i was wondering if this is an ashtma attack type thing??? or if this is much worse and he should be back at emerg?? He hasn't eaten anything since he's been home (hasn't even been home 12 hours) however if he doesn't eat by tomorrow night i'm taking him to emerg.

I also have antibiotics to treat what seems to be an internal lower lung infection so I'm wondering if the hacking could be signs of that? I've never had a cat with any kind of resp. infection before but I know it's common

anyways any advice is appreciated as always
it's 4am here so I"m going to try to get some more sleep
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That is Asthma. Coco does that too. sometimes she will Cough so much she will barf. I used Yesterdays Mews Litter Unscented because most litters make her Asthma act up. Coco has had some terribe Asthma Attacks. She gets a Depro Midro Shot when it acts up. My Vet said those can be given every 6 Months because teh side effects. Anything you want to know about Asthma I can help you with. Coco is amost 16 and had it for years. She also has Allergies too. If your Cat ever gets a Cold you have to go to teh Vet because that will set his Asthma off. Coco has had 2 bad Colds since 2005 that have set her Asthma off real bad. How old is your Cat? Sometimes she gets Pred Pills and will taked about a Inhaler taht goes over the mouth when a attack happens. She gets Antibiotics too.
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oh wow. I am booking an appointment as soon as I can. I'm worried because he is really lethargic and still hasn't eaten since he's been home (got home 12 hours ago after being at the vet for 12 hours) this is his first ever asthma attack I guess. I will be in touch and maybe PM you if thats ok.... If he hasn't eaten by tonight I may take him back to emerg as well........
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My Reilly has asthma..He had been given shots a few times which only helped for around 5 weeks and due to causing worse problems if it is given frequently , the vet then tried prendisone pills given every other day. That worked but long term prendisone given that often also is not good. So my vet recomended this http://www.aerokat.com/Animal_Health/ah_aerokat_fac.asp you have to order it online and then your vet will give a script for the spray it delivers the steriod directly into the lungs.This works very well for Reilly's asthma and causes less long term problems then having to use steriod pills.
If you do find it is asthma talk with your vet about using this..
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That is what my Vet was talking about. Your right Pred isn not good long term. Coco only gets it when her Asthma is bad. The Shot she gets when she has a bad cold and her Asthma is out of control. She got her last shot in Aug because she had a bad cold and was Coughing so much but after she was better the Bladder Infection strated. Imunsie you can Pm me anytime. I was told Coco had Bronchitis years ago but it was Asthma. They had never taken a Xray until she got a very bad Cold. We had just moved here and she got sick right after. The cold took the pigment off her nose. We were calling Vets but they all were booked so I ended up going to one that could see her fast. It was a big mistake. Turned out to be the worse Vet in our area. She said she thought it was a Tumor or Cancer because she was Coughing and said she wanted Xrays. She tkes the Xrays and says Coco has a tumor and sent me to the Vet I go to now. She also side her heart was not right either. We went to the vet we use now and he took one look at the Xrays and knew it was Asthma right of way and did a heart ultrasound. There was nothing wrong with her Heart. That other Vet has been closed down down for good and the owner is in jail. I hope your Cat will eat. My Meeko had a high fever and wouldnt eat since friday. Today she finally ate a little. She has a infection and I hope Coco dosent get it because it will set her Asthma off. I would call teh vet and tell them he isnt eating. The Vet told me to give Meeko baby food I go to the number one Vet in our area.
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