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Help save my cat.

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EDIT: Sorry if my story does not seem right just because I'm a newbie. I'm in deperate measures, and I searched the internet for a cat forum for help. So, just so you know.
My cat, Christopher, has been diagnosed with a tumor on his liver. We took him to the vet once because he was seeming gloomy was losing weight, and the vet didn't find anything wrong... just gave him some medicine. He still wasn't eating, we took him again, and there was found with the tumor. He has lost a lot of weight, and might even lose more.

We've been trying to feed him, and he seems to eat a bit more than what he diiiid, but still not enough. So we've also been force feeding him. His mood seems very happy still, and he doesn't seem oh so gloomy. So I would say he's doing well, but... the vet said he will eventually die from the tumor.

She would give us a very good cat surgeon to go to get the tumor taken out, but this surgery would cost at least $1000... money which we don't have. And there's always that chance that he might not make it through the surgery, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. If I wait longer, the tumor will become bigger and the more the risk... and he'll just die anyway.
If he keeps up his appetite, it will increase his chances of making the surgery.

Christopher has been one of my best friends for 9 or so years, and I'd really love to seem him live his life to his fullest He's my favorite cat.... and without him around, well, I just can't imagine.

I will keep my paypal account open for donations, if anyone is willing to. If you can't, it's understandable... money is rough these days. But I would appreciate if you possibly could repost this, or even tell someone you know who WOULD donate. I... really am hoping I can save his life.

If you do donate, I am foreeeevvveerr in your gratitude

Thank you for reading.... I hope someone can help...

Here's my paypal account email, open for donations: angeldumottshunard@yahoo.com

If you need any other info, please contact me via e-mail or AIM!
I am willing to give out the vet name and phone number... I really just want my cat to be saved.

AIM: ErinThePsychoOne
E-mail: psychochiko08@yahoo.com

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Before anyone decides to donate please read one of our rules when it comes to giving money.

5. Solicitations – TheCatSite.com does not encourage or promote solicitation of money from our members. We will help in every way possible with our knowledge and support, but as many of us have multi-cat households and work with local rescue groups, monetary support is not always possible to causes or people we do not personally know. Members are allowed one posting in the SOS forum for each organization. Repeated postings for the same cause or organization will be deleted.

Also, from the sticky on this subject:

Originally Posted by hissy View Post
From the Mod Team Regarding Pleas for money:

Cats are a huge responsibility. Anyone who thinks otherwise, should not have one in their life. They are dependent on us for everything from providing a place to eat, to also providing vet care.

Anyone who has cats knows that they can and do get ill. Your best defense is to plan for that to happen before it does, and store monies away in preparation.

If you read about a plight of an animal on the internet and your heart is drawn to help. Check out the story thoroughly. Google the vet's name or call Directory Assistance in the city and be sure this is a legitimate claim.

Do not blindly send money into a paypal account no matter how heart-wrenching the story. Instead reach out to the member and ask for the vet's name and phone number, and arrange to send the money there for the specific needs of the cat in question.

If that information cannot be provided- you have your answer. Report the post to a moderator so that it can be removed for not being on the level.

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