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Found a Stray Cat what to do?

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Today I found a stray cat a female when i came home from work i live in a apartment complex and the cat followed me to my door.I always see cats around where i live and they all ways run but this one did and was crying out loud.So I went into my apartment came out 1hour later and she was still there crying but stood there for all that time.I took her in and put her in a cage gave her some food water litter because i couldnt stand to see her crying any more.I have 2 kitten 6months old what should i do? And i think she might be pregnant cause she is kind of on the chunky side.
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Where are you located? Thank you for taking her in and you are probably right, she is probably pregnant. On the off-chance you live in Oregon and are fairly close to me, I would take her.

There are organizations that will help you. There is a list of them here in this forum at the top of the list you will see it.
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Im not in Oregon Im in New Jersy is it ok for my 2 kitten to be in the room with her of corse with me watching.
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I would keep them seperated as you do not know if she has brought anything in with her disease-wise. If she is pregnant and you have a nice isolated dark and warm room, I would put her in there for now.
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It is so kind of you to take her in. I was in the very same boat and ended up with an extra cat! (and eventually, her six kittens) If she's young, my guess is that she got lost while in heat, and probably wandered too far from home. I would check the papers, the shelters, the police, and the neighbors to see if someone is looking for her. There might be posters up somewhere also. I would also place an ad in the paper. Some people suggest calling the nearby vets to see if anyone has reported a lost cat to them.

Then I would decide what to do. So few people get their lost cats back. If you're not successful, of course, the no-kill shelters are the answer. As hissy mentioned, there is a list at the top of this page. I wish you the very best. Keep us updated, ok?
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