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My new faith in humanity

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I am super duper excited to report that as of yesterday I got the phone call that made my year. If anyone remembers on Tuesday I left my iPod in the apaartment gym. Yesterday afternoon I get a call from the girl that had gone into the gym after me saying that she had my iPod!!!!! I was so distraut thinking "who is going to return something that valuable?" Goes to show me that there are still honest decent people out there.
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Yea!!! I'm soo happy for you. That was really nice of her to return it.
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Congratulations, and good for her!
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that is good news
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wooo! yeh, that's good news
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Awwww, that is awesome! You must be on top of the world!!

That surprises me too, but It does restore your faith doesn't it? There are still some honest people in the world.
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That's great! Thankfully, there are some honest people out there.

I remember, when I was a teen, an incident that bothered me: a neighbor, who had a son my age, took me to a crafts store, which had 2 floors (it used to be an old house). I found $40 on the floor, and picked it up. I was on the look-out for the owner. Meanwhile, we could hear an old woman, downstairs, obviously upset, asking the cashier if anyone turned in $40 she lost in the store. I was ready to go downstairs, and return the money, but my neighbor said, "Just keep it! She'll never know!" When I protested, saying that was dishonest, she kept telling me I was stupid for returning it. I thought, "You have kids--what kind of example do you set for THEM, I wonder???"

When I left the store, there was a very happy old lady at the counter...

I also once had 2 duplicate, $1000 U.S. Savings bonds accidentally sent to me (I have payroll deduction). I told my assistant at work, the one who went to Mass every morning, and was "so" devout, etc. She encouraged me to just keep them, and not call the Treasury. Again, I was told how dumb I was for being honest. Apparently, some people think it's ok to rip off the government, but if the same government cheated THEM, they'd raise h*ll. (And, I know she would have.) The Treasury had made a mistake, and was so grateful for my honesty. (I returned the extra bond to them.)
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That's fantastic news!! I'm so glad you got to experience humanity in one of it's rarest forms bless her, what a sweetheart!
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I'm so glad you got it back...that's great!
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What wonderful news! So happy to hear you got your Ipod back!!
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That is super!!
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That is awesome!!!!! what a great ending to an awful experience
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I generally have no faith in the human race....but some people do surprise me!!
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Mad props for the person who returned your iPod to you! That is just awesome!
I, too, have faith in humanity...check this out. I was driving at a moderate speed on a major street and this lady nearly pulled out of a parking area right into me. She didn't thank goodness! Anyway, about 3 days later there was some lady in the grocery store who stopped me asking if I drove a black SUV. I was kinda like...okaaaaay....
Well, she totally appologized for practically pulling in front of me. I totally assured her it was ok and gave her a hug cuz I sooo could tell she felt awful.
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that ia wondeful, It is so nice that she kept it safe for you
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