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Wet Food Boredom

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It seems lately that Julius has gotten sick and tired of eating his wet food. If it was his dry food, I wouldn't mind at all because I could just give him wet food all the time, but it's not and I know the water content is good for his body.

I buy a whole variety of Merrick's as well as chicken and salmon in Go Natural. He used to meow all morning waiting to be fed wet food, but nowadays he turns his nose up at it.

What can I do to entice him to eat wet food again? Should I supplement the current brands with other brands? If so, what would be in the same quality level as Merrick's and Go Natural? I don't want to switch him from low-grade to high-grade back and forth.

Thanks for any help!
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there are lots of good brands ... what do you not want in a wet food and most will be able to help better .. what brands are readily avail to you...
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Does the food come in other flavors? My guys get a variety of flavors; beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, venison and an occasional salmon. If you are feeding just 2 flavors that could be the reason he's bored with them.
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I don't know they whys....but a few months ago, Zoe did the same thing....didn't matter which brand or which flavor ( I opened and threw away lots of food and now have a good overstock in the pantry )
She just wasn't having any of them at all so I started giving her dry (which she had previously refused?) and that's what she wanted. Tried giving her both but that didn't go well either.
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Riley had been eating Merrick until a few months ago he did the same thing. Now he eats a couple different Merrick flavors, along with Evo, Wellness and Solid Gold tuna.

Every once in a while I'll give him one of the old Merrick flavors (since I have cases!!!) and he will eat it. I think he just got bored eating the same thing all the time.
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I think many cats get bored with the same brands, even if you offer several flavors. Jamie eats one main brand (Almo Natural, which is a European brand) in eight to ten different flavors, but I still have to switch off to others, like Eagle Pack Holistic, Solid Gold, and three or four other European brands (Green Fish, Porta, Schesir, Miamor Fine Fillets).
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
I think many cats get bored with the same brands, even if you offer several flavors.
I agree. For the last week or so, neither of my cats --- even the normally voracious one --- has been particularly enthused about Fancy Feast, even though I think FF has more varieties than any other brand. I've been giving them FF almost exclusively since I adopted them back in October, only because I decided to first transition them off the dry food garbage they got at the shelter. I didn't want to change the dry and the canned food too quickly. Luckily for them (and me) I have finally exhausted my FF supply and have probably 200 cans/pouches of premium wet food by like 10 different manufacturers ready to go. So now they don't have to worry about being bored, though I have to worry about creating finicky cats.

Then again, my RB cat Shane ate FF Turkey & Giblets three times a day, every day, for practically his entire life. And no other canned food. So who knows?
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Ohh I got an idea, I do it for my cats!

I put the canned food into there bowl, then add very warm water to it, enough to submerge half of the patte. I then mix the food and water till it turns to a soupy texture, you'll know when its right because there will be nothing to chew really, more like a cat-shake.

They love it and the warm water brings out the smell of the food even better! Cats prefer warm food over cold it seems.

Try it you got nothing to loose.
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