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Do cats actually sleep more than dogs?

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Many of us on this site have had or presently have dogs. I have heard from people all of my life that cats did nothing but sleep. In my experience the dogs that I have had slept just as much as cats. What the heck else is there to do? What do you think?
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I'd say they sleep about the same judging from our two dogs and four cats.
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My 3 cats sleep a lot more than my 2 dogs. The dogs are always just walking around the house or playing outside. The cats sleep like 90% of the day.
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My kitties always slepped a ton more than the dogs Ive owned! The dogs were always hyper and running around and the cats were always sleeping! Of corse, cats are nocturnal so it could very well be that I just wasn't awake when they were up playing!
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cats on ave sleep 18-20 hours a day ... even my senior dog only sleeps about 14-16
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I meant to vote they sleep pretty much the same amount of time, but punched in wrong vote..

I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but I think they sleep about the same amount of time: we just think cats sleep more than dogs do, b/c they sleep mainly during the day - whereas a dog will sleep mostly at night when we're asleep too.

Just my opinion.

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i think cat's sleep more than dog's. then again, it probably all depends on age aswel
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I say cats sleep longer than dogs.
Not sure if this is true but a vet once told me
that cats sleep an average of 18 hours a day.
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I believe cats do generally sleep more. But my 10 year old Jello (shih'tzu) seems to be napping as often as the cats.
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Well, technically cats don't actually "sleep". They rest but they don't sleep. All they do is almost completely close their eyes and then close their 3rd eyelid. They can see a bit out of the 3rd eyelid so they are always alert and awake.
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well, from someone who has had dogs - and is yet to see her cats awake - then I would say probably the cats do sleep a little more than dogs do. But whaddo I know!!
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I Used to raise Samoyeds and they didn't sleep any where near the amount my cats do!
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I only have my own dog as comparison, and considering he's middle aged for his size, he's not very active.
I'd say he sleeps about as much as my older cats, and way more than my younger cats.

So my answer is, depending on relative age, I think the two species are about equal.
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