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Why can't deer look both ways before crossing the highway???

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I'm on vaccation right now with my family on the other side of the country. We were driving a rental car on the highway yesterday (going a good clip too) when a few coyotes chased three deer across the highway. One of them jumped right into the front of the car. We didn't even see it until it hit us. I've never been in any kind of car accident so I'm still a little shaken up. The poor deer died instantly and the coyotes were on it before it even stopped rolling.
Wrecked the car up pretty bad though. We called the rental car place, and they told us that we had to drive the car (it was only just drivable) 2 hours to the next city so that we could exchange it.
Thank god we had insurance on it, but it still cost us $600 more than we were planning.
We're very lucky though. We were planning on renting a small echo, it wasn't ready when we got there, so they gave us a bigger car, but could you imagine what would have happened if the car had been smaller. The deer would have gone right through the windshied.
Its not letting me post pictures right now, but I'll put one up when I can.
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Oh my goodness! I take it that everyone is OK?

Deer accidents are really scary since like you said, they appear out of nowhere. They do a lot of damage too.

wow...makes me rethink ever skipping on that insurance offer from the rental places.
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It was really scary. Everyone's ok though. I banged up my elbow a bit, but other than it being bruised and a little swollen, its ok.
The rental place said that they get one deer hit a week. Isn't that scary??
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I was kind of thinking about deer accidents today when we were driving along the highway and there was this one corn field with, no kidding, at least forty deer grazing there. It was quite a sight -- I've never seen so many deer in one field.

I'm glad you're not hurt, my cousin once hit a moose and ended up in a pretty bad accident and almost died. He's okay now, thankfully.
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Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so glad fate worked out for you and you didn't get the echo! Thank your lucky stars dear!!!!

I live in Iowa so deer accidents are more than a nightly accurance. I don't think I have ever drove anywhere around dusk and not see at least one deer murdered. We have a serious deer problem here.
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Well we're always watching for deer, so it was a big surprise when we hit one. It jumped up from the ditch in the blind stop of the car, and landed right in front of the car. All I remember is a big jolt, then looking into the windsheild and seeing a dead deer head with its tongue sticking out. It was just a little bit disturbing.
We were joking earlier and said its good that it wasn't a buffalo since we had passed a herd just a few miles before that.
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