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cat ate my turtle food! is this bad?

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I came home this evening from helping my grandma. I was only gone about 15 minutes and somehow the girls found my turtle food. They ate about half a bottle of reptomin. They seam fine, i gave them extra water just in case, but has this happened to anyone else and is it bad? Boo seams a little hyper(more than normal) but thats about the only thing different, they dont seam sick or anything??
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call the local er vet... likely no ... but you never know
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Should be fine, there's nothing odd in reptomin - the only bad ingredient being the cheap preservative.

However the food does soften and expend a lot in water, so if your cat gets sick that would be the most likely cause.
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Yeah, I agree...you might want to call the vet and ask, but I don't think it'll hurt her too much. Maybe she'll get diarrhea, but...

I bet your cat was thinking, "Hey, turtles -can- eat cat food, maybe I can eat turtle food!"
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yea i did call the vet, i just hadnt had a chance to get back on here and post about it. He said that it should be fine, its basically the same as cheap catfood just to watch her, and not make a habit of it cause "its not a balanced diet for a cat" well dur, i hadnt planned on making a steady diet of turtle food. Jaws might get a little snippy about sharing his(or her) food with a cat, he (or she) already shares with a crawdad named claws. I just hope the cats liked it, they only left me about two teaspoons of food, so now i gotta go replace that. goofy little boogers! i would have never thought of them eating my turtlefood, then again it does have fishmeal and shrimp in it.

btw i say he or she because i have no idea if its a boy or girl, my sister found it wondering my moms yard this summer(it was a little bigger then a quarter then) and gave it to my nephew who lost interest in it about 30 minutes later.
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Cats also eat fish food too, the only thing I noticed is some fish/turtle food has wheat gluten in it, and wasnt that in the pet food recall?
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