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Question for the gals!

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I was wondering if anyone has or has had the Mirena thingy...
I was wondering about it, like how much it was, was it painful, if you've had it removed was the removal painful? Any side effects the usual stuff like that!
I'm currently on Seasonique and I love the fact that I only have 4 periods a year, and I can easily miss a period. But I'd like to look at some more options for the future ya know! Any info would be appreciated! Thanks guys!
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Unless you have children you dont qualify! Because of the risks of not being able to have children later if you dont have at least one you cant have it done!

Its an easy solution if you can do it though! I have a friend who has it and she hasn't had any problems with it! They inserted it and all in one visit!
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I haven't tried it. If I'm thinking right it's the T thing. One thing you have to keep in mind is that they rough up the walls of your uterus. That can cause problems down the road if you want children because the egg may have troubles attaching. Some thing else, I've known a few women who have gotten the metal kind and they cramped really bad and had some bleeding for the first month or two.
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I don't even know what that is!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Unless you have children you dont qualify! Because of the risks of not being able to have children later if you dont have at least one you cant have it done!
I beg to differ there because i have no children and i have it.
Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I don't even know what that is!
This is it Nat

I've had it in for over 2 years now and it's great. It didn't cost me anything because our health service is different over here.

They numb your cervix and it's in within a couple of minutes, and the same procedure takes place when it has to be removed after 5 years.

Theres no side effects, and IUD's have come a long way to what they were years ago.
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Who can use Mirena?

Q. Who can use Mirena?

A. Mirena is appropriate for women who:
Have had at least one child
Are looking for an effective, reversible form of birth control that’s easy to use
Are in a mutually monogamous relationship

Hehe, thats from your website! LOL
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Well i havent got any kids, but it might be the fact that i never want them anyway?
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Well i havent got any kids, but it might be the fact that i never want them anyway?
That could very well be true!! Ive known alot of people (like myself, before I had kids) that wanted it and the Dr.s said no because we didn't have kids yet! I was like, what You want me to go have a kid so I can get birth control??/
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I've looked into getting it as well, but my insurance doesn't cover it My GYN said she would give me one even though I've never had children and being that I'm only 30 I still have plenty of time to change my mind, my doc said she wa more concerned with me knowing that it doesn't prevent duh! either does the pill and I was on that for many many years if my insurance ever covers it or I have an extra $600 laying around I'm first in line to get it!
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My doctor said no because I don't have kids.
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My daughter in law had her first baby in July..She had one put in she had just mild cramping the first day.. Then about a month later she was taking a shower and it fell out! She called her doc and went in. Her Gyn told her often the first time the body rejects it and usually the 2nd time there will be no problems. So the Gyn put in another one and guess what a month later same thing it fell out in the shower! Thank goodness my DIL insisted they also give her the BC shot, just in case.The doc said that after two trys they will not try it again. So it does not work for everyone..And as it takes up to a week for it to come out after it is dislodged you could become pregnant ..She had no clue that it was again working its way out.. Also she bled the whole time she had them in..
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I was thinking about it and doing research. Hey who wouldn't love an easy effective way not to get pregnant! But I've had really bad experience with almost all birth control. I get all the side effects they list..for the shot I started getting the serious ones (ie. blood clots, etc) so in the end I'm not even going to bother. I don't want kids so it kinda sucks.
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Please pardon if I describe anything in too much detail...

I have an IUD Im not sure if its from that manufacturer or not it was put in a while ago and I forget.

When it was first put in, I had to call in sick for about 4 days from work, I was cramping so bad. I called back the doc that put it in asking if it was normal, they said yes, for some women.

After my system adjusted, there wasnt really a noticable difference in how my body behaved. Periods were the same, still regular as clockwork. It was, for me, 100% effective. And easy to forget about. One thing you may dislike is, you can feel a small plastic "string" if you reach inside with your fingers, like if you use Instead feminine products like I do. Its barely noticable and doesnt interfere with.. other activity.. but Im always aware of it.

I realized a while ago that I am about a year overdue to get it replaced (6 years instead of 5) I realized this because my periods have changed drastically and I was trying to figure out why. I am now having them twice a month very very bad cramps. Im keeping track of the cycles so the doc can schedual the replacement and the correct time in my cycle. I dont know if the double periods are from the IUD or just cuz I passed 30 :P
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Never heard of it.
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Thanks for all the info guys! Guess its not an option for me at the moment, I havent had a baby but I want one in a few years, maybe after the baby! Who knows!
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