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singed fur

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not sure if this is the right place...
but my little boy got too close to a candle yesterday and singed his fur...
there was a little burnt smell to him yesterday but he seems fine...
I hope he didn't hurt himself too much?
how do you know?
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If you cant be sure with a visual inspection take him in. If its just a candle you should be able to see if there is redness, blistering, or any of the same things we get when we are burned. If his fur is too long to moniter the area perhaps clipping it would be a good idea if there is anything on the initial inspection to suggest more than just fur was burned. I think the easiest way to tell would (after a visual inspection for the obvious) simply be to stroke around the area and watch his reaction. If he doesnt flinch at all, lightly stroke the area directly. If still no reaction, pet as normal over the area. If the ears dont flatten, tails doesnt twitch, and there is no flinching, chances are hes ok. Burns are so much easier to diagnos that other issues due to being external, painfull, and the same in all species. If you cant see anything visually but he still flinches from petting, or if you do see burns on the skin, then you need to start considering a vet checking it out.
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Lol my Dahmer lunged at a candle as a kitten. First time in my life I saw a cat that just lunged forwards, immediately jump backwards lmao. He burnt his whiskers off but besides that he was fine. I freaked out and called every vet in the city along with all my cat owning friends. Dahmer is scared of fire till this day. He's turning 2 in a couple months.
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My sister's cat sat on a lit candle once..

She said he jumped up and ran under the bed. When he came out he was fine though. It was a little red, but other than that he was fine. He was back to his normal self in a few hours. The heat just shocked him.
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well..after I caught him I checked his fur...seems a little um..."coarser" not as soft..but other then that nothing...he doesnt' flinch when I touch him or make any noises so I guess he's ok..kinda hard to tell with a black cat...
he's a short hair too.
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Poor baby... I love those new battery-operated candles that are out now I've completley done away with the real flame candles for this reason; and have the battery-operated ones all over my house. Some even have timers that come on and turn off automatically. QVC.com has a great collection!!!
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