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Weightloss, hairballs, dandruff?

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Pre-vet visit, I'm trying to figure out what could cause this.

Lily has lost weight in the past few months. She's dropped 2-3 lbs. I noticed today she also has dandruff. She also vomited a hairball today, it was dark colored which really worried me. Now, dandruff, to me, says food's wrong for her. Hairball, she's never had one before. Weight loss, she has been a bit more active lately.

Now, I switched her to Fromms Duck a la Veg like 6 months ago. Could this be a food issue? For the time being, she is being fed Diamond Naturals Active Cat on the counter where Damita can't get into it(Damita has food issues).

(Yes, she's getting a vet appt ASAP as they open in the AM, I hadn't bothered with one until now as she has been more active lately)
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kindeys ???
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
kindeys ???
I dunno. But, yeah...CRF, FeLV, FIV have all crossed my mine. Cancer, too. She's 2.5 years old.
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Vet visit Wed 1:45PM. She's had 4 hairballs in the past 36 hours. She's never had a hairball before. Part of me wonders if it's stress, but the weight loss sure isn't.
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I hope it's nothing bad. That is definitely worrisome.
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for a easy fix
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Vet has no idea. Ran blood panel, urine checked, physical exam....

She's on canned vomit (Science Diet i/d) for 3-7 days.
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to me they all sound like connected signs of stress. I would sit down with a pen and paper and write down all possible changes in your cat's life since about a month before you noticed the symptoms.
This could be as easy as you moved a chair (yes, some cats are that neurotic) to new person, to cleaning chemicals.
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Oh I hope everything will be okay!! Have some good !! Food seems to be an issue recently on here!
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I'm assuming stress would be caused by foster dogs. Makes sense, right?

Heck, Lily flipped out when I moved a chair 2'.
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Gotta love the "special " kittys
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