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I noticed in another thread that one or two members mentioned that they couldn't attach a Word document because they don't have Word software.

It's quite possible to open, store, or send a file as a Word document using this freeware: http://www.openoffice.org/ Our school has been using this software for a couple of years now, and it really covers most of your basic needs. I actually prefer it to Word and Excel, or Works.
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I too like OpenOffice, you just have to make sure you save as a MS .doc file so OpenOffice and Word can open it once emailed to someone else
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I use openoffice on my laptop. There are only a couple of advance Word things that I had issues with (mostly when it came to table of contents). However, it's 99.9999% great!!! The TOC was just a little painful when opening in Word.
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Oh I love open office. It doesn't take as much space on my hard drive as MS Office did, so I've been using that more instead.
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